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Davide Noaro


ScrumMaster, Agile Team Coordinator, Amadeus

Location: Sophia Antipolis, France


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner

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I started my professional career in 2007 working as software engineer. Beginning of 2010 I worked on my first Scrum project and since then I focused my attention to agile software development and agile management considering them as a more efficient way to develop software compared to the standard waterfall process.
Since 2012 I'm working with Scrum in a cross-functional team having both the role of ScrumMaster and agile senior software engineer.

I'm an active member of the ScrumAlliance ( writing articles on agile.
and I also write a blog dedicated to agile at

Articles I've written

Testing in Scrum with a Waterfall Interaction
Sometimes, when testing user stories in Scrum, there's a final Waterfall interaction to deal with. The scenario I present here is based on this situation: a Scrum process with an interaction of sequential phases at the end of the process to (re)test the whole developed functionality. These sequential phases are mandatory for our organization, which follows a Waterfall process for the releases of the product. So, for the moment at least, we have to deal with this — and my experience is that we aren't alone.

Managing Future Bugs (Known Unknowns) in the Sprint
As ScrumMaster, there are different situations we have to deal with. Here I'd like to address the following topic: how to deal with future bugs that can arrive at highest-level priority during the sprint (in other words, we must treat them). This...


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