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Darrel Nelson


Systems Mangement Test Lead, Meteorcomm LLC

Location: Renton, WA USA



Certified ScrumMaster



Born and raised in Silicon Valley USA, I started out as a pre-medical nursing student but soon found hardware and software engineering to be my true calling. I left school early to begin working in the early days of Apple and PC evolution focusing mainly on hardware and early network engineering.

During the mid 90's I moved to the Seattle area (AKA the "Silicon Forrest") to focus on the other side to the PC equation, software. I spent about 4 years with Microsoft working in the classic waterfall SDLC for Windows 95/OSR2/98, and was a founding member of the Microsoft DRM server team during inception.

Moving on I have worked for various other Northwest software companies including Attachmate, Asymetrix, Visible Technologies, Daptiv, Talisma (nGenera), and others. My current focal point revolves around QA and Project Management (hybrid) and after spending a couple years working in agile/scrum shops and achieving certification I am evangelizing scrum within the companies I engage as we need to increase our customer value and decrease development time/churn. This is what I love about scrum and hope to see more and more successes out there from everybody!

On the more personal note I have a lovely wife and 2 boys that keep me really busy, I enjoy music engineering, graphic design, and am looking to take an old public access TV show I used to host onto YouTube soon with all new content. (TwIsTeD PoLiTiCaL ClOwNz :-) I love living here in the Pacific Northwest but miss my East Bay roots in California. (Mostly the sunshine I would say!)


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