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Dipendra Majethiya


Tech Lead

Location: Jersey City, NJ, USA



Certified ScrumMaster



Name  : Dipendra H Majethiya

Email  :

Cell Phone: +646-220-1380

 Career Overview:

Certified Scrum Master with 12+ years of demonstrated success in Waterfall and Scrum framework, software development and application support, systems administration, technical troubleshooting and technical support. Willing and able to learn new systems/processes and adapt with changing corporate environments.

IT experience within Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Airlines, and Pharmaceutical domains. Well versed with SDLC and Agile methods of development. Act as servant leader and coach to three Scrum teams to execute Scrum methodology. Help Scrum teams by removing impediments, fostering self-organization, and protecting them from internal and external distractions. Facilitate daily Stand-up, Backlog Grooming, Sprint Planning, and Sprint Retrospective. Manage budgets and coordinate releases for all three projects. Work closely with Product Managers to ensure product backlogs are properly prepared. Closely monitor Team Velocity, Burn-down chart, Burn-up chart, and Team Status in Rally to help keep Scrum Teams be on track, be productive, and to achieve deliverables. Release Management and scheduling and coordination with Build Teams. Working knowledge with popular Java technology framework such as Spring and Hibernate. Share technical knowledge and clearly communicate technical concepts. Mentor other team members in Service Component Design and Development. Creates technical detail design artifacts utilizing UML to meet functional specifications and requirements

Technical Skills:

Operating Systems       : Windows98/NT/XP, UNIX-HP10.2/11.0, SunSolaris8 Linux (RedHat)

 Languages                    : Java

 Databases                    : ORACLE8i/9i/10g, MS SQL Server v6.x/7.x.DB2

CRM Tools                  : Crystal Reports, Toad7.5, AutoSys

Products Tools             : JBuilder X.0, Eclipse3.x, JProfiler, JProbe

Application Servers     : Tomcat5.x, Weblogic8.1, JBoss 4, Websphere 6.x (WAS)

Software                      : Vim6.x, JBUILDER6.x, 9.x, PVCS, WinCVS, SVN.ClearCase

Defect Tracking Tools : JIRA, Mantis, HP Quality Center

CSM Tool                    : InterwovenTeam Site 6.7.1 and Live Site 3.0, Open Deploy

Java Frame Work         : Struts, Hibernate3.0, spring, JMS, MQ, Java WebService, Java Concurrency/Thread, Android Mobile SDK

Educational Qualification & Professional Trainings

  • B.Tech in Agricultural in 2006 at PDKV University, Maharashtra
  • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Dec 2013
  • Project Management and Planning
  • Unix Shell scripting
  • Struts& Hibernate Frame Work
  • Subversion (SVN) Repository Management\
  • Interwoven (Administration/Team Site/LiveSite/OpenDeploy)
  • Autonomy (IDOL-5 &7)
  • Jira3.x/6.x/11.0/Confluence (administration)

Professional Experience:

CIG, JPMC New Jersey                                                            Oct 2011 to till date

Shared Service RTE Lead (Scrum Master)

Shared Service for Alerts/SMC for Online Enhancement and Production Support for All Banking/Card/Business Customers (Chase Internet Group), JPMC Jersey City, New Jersey

Description- Production Support for multiple applications like Alerts, Secure Message Center (SMC), Statements and Batch jobs for the Chase Online Site. Investigations of reported issue by the end customer with multiple groups and provide solutions and hot fixes to resolve the issue in the production environment or based on the analysis open work order for the development and fix the issue by interacting with different team/stakeholders. Chase online has Banking/Card/Business customers who has enrolled for mobile/email alert along with default statements and SMC assigned to them.


  • Provide code  with Hot fix for the Production Issue
  • Investigation on issue reported and identify
  • Create POC for new scenarios
  • Running tests with SOAP UI client to identifying issued based on the response from Web Service
  • Open Work Order for development to fix the identified issues
  • Manage iteration and deliver builds to production for the development
  • Resource assignment to Project plans and manage schedule
  • Team management and progress reporting
  • Interaction with different line of business and requirement gathering and Analysis, Estimation
  • Work with Architect on Solution and discuss design approach
  • Coordination between onsite/offshore Teams and different teams during the releases process.

Environment:  JSP, Core Java, Java Concurrency/Thread, Hibernate, Spring, Web Service, JMS, Clear Case/SVN, DB2 and WAS, SOAP

JPMC, New York                                                             Jan 2011 to Oct 2011

Tech PM

 Security Master Application Enhancement for GCH (Global Collateral Hub):

Security Master is one of the application in the Global Collateral Hub(GCH).Security Master is responsible for the maintenance of securities related to TriParty Agreements and interacts with other application in the process. Security Master maintain the daily process requiring detailed analysis of securities, Price, Factor and Ratings in order to insure the proper valuation of securities being held as collateral in GCH. There is both a Legal and Risk Management perspective to ensuring that the security information being maintained is both accurate and current. There are few interfaces with Bloomberg to get the security data in the application.


  • Manage iteration and deliver builds to production
  • Project planning, Quality process handling
  • Team management and reporting
  • Client interaction, Requirement Analysis, Estimation and Design
  • Coordination between onsite/offshore Teams and different teams during the releases process.
  • POC of solutions and provide design approach
  • Security Rating/pricing Data Analysis and generating report for management
  • Created Engine using Java Thread to read the data Bloomberg service and update the price/Rating data

Environment: JSP, Core Java, Java Concurrency/Thread, Hibernate, spring, Velocity and Autosys, SVN, Oracle 10g and WAS, Bloomberg Interface

Schneider-Electric,France                                                   Jan 2009 to Dec 2011

Project Lead (Scrum Frame Work) 

Schneider-Electric Core Development:

Interwoven Custom Component Development using Java, Hibernate, Spring, TeamSite, and LiveSite module by creating DCT,DCR and page publishing by deployment workflow using open deploy module. In this project we have used agile methodology for development with the sprint durations of one month. My responsibilities include designingthe solution for development/enhancementof the components, data capture after taking the requirementsfrom the client, and providing periodic project updates to the client. Managea team of 5 people and the build releases.


  • Managesprints and deliver builds to production
  • Project planning, Quality process handling
  • Team management and reporting
  • Client interaction, Analysis, Estimation and Design
  • Development, Build and Deployment

Environment: Interwoven TeamSite / Live Site / OpenDeploy / Workflow, JSP, Core Java, Hibernate, Spring, Velocity and Autonomy, Ajax, Json, SVN, Flex, Maven, ANT,etc.

JPMC, IBT-AD Dept, London, UK.                                                 Aug’07-Nov’08

Project Lead

IB Arch AD Tools Support (JIRA & Confluence Support):

This project comprises of the following 2 different sub-projects, JIRA Technical Enhancements and 2nd level support.

Confluence Technical Enhancements and 2nd level support. JIRA/Confluence is open source application managed by Atlassian. JIRA is used for defect tracking and management of projectswithin the JPMC IB Group. There are projects to be migrated from other issue tracking system to JIRA System. In addition the JIRA software was also migrated from 3.x to 11.x versions. Confluence project is for managing project spaces and related information.


  • Analysis, Estimation and Design
  • Development and Deployment
  • Version migrations
  • Client Interaction
  • Team management and reporting

Environment: Struts, JSP, Core Java, Hibernate, Velocity, XML, SVN, ANT, and LINUX/Unix.

PTB (Permit To Build), JPMC, IBT-AD Dept, London, UK                                                                             Sep’06-Aug’07

Project Lead

Technology      : Struts, JSP, Core Java, Hibernate, SVN, ANT, LINUX/Unix

Team Size        : 3

Responsibilities            :

• Analysis, Estimation and Design. 

• Development and Deployment.

• Client Interaction.

BRC (BusinessResearchCenter) JPMC, IBT, NY, US                      Mar’06-Sep’06

Project Lead

Technology      : Core Java, Jsp, Servlet Struts, SVN, LINUX/Unix

Team Size        : 5

Responsibilities            : Sole responsibility for reports module and designof the interfaces and classes.This was done by analyzing the approach and coding interfaces to generate report in JSP pages, and exporting to excel & PDF format. Prepared LLD, documentation of the module details, and reviewed code as part of the quality process.

Passenger Agents Revenue Incentive System, SIA, Singapore                                                                  May’05-Feb’06

Senior Developer

Technology      : Swing, Core Java, Servlet (JDK 1.4)

Team Size        : 8

Responsibilities            : Analyzed approach and involved in Coding of interfaces and classes, Testing, Code Reviews, and Creation of UML Diagrams.

ESAYA SOFTWARE (INDIA) PVT. LTD., Mumbai                                                                                   Jun’04–May’05

Esaya BrowserML™ Developer Studio                                                                                             Jun’04-May’05     

Senior Java Developer

Technology              : SWING, Core Java, XML, JDK 1.4     

Description        : The Esaya BrowserML™ Developer Studio (EBDS) isan easy-to-use, integrated development environment for building,testing, and deploying BrowserML™ scripts. BrowserML™ is an XMLlanguage that is designed to provide a standard way to control aspectsof navigating web pages to extract and/or populate information. Thisallows for server based browsers to aggregate information from anddisseminate information to web sites in a highly automated and largescale fashion. BrowserML™ makes it easy to rapidly create new WAP,VoiceXML and other applications and shields developers from the lowlevel and implementation details.Quickly build rich BrowserML™ scripts by visualizing the HTML, Formsand Tables using the integrated tools. EBDS eliminates much of theroutine; hand-coding required for data extraction, site navigation andform population and has integrated debugging tools. Once your scriptsare created, it is easy to deploy them using either or the run themthrough Esaya BrowserML™ Engine or run them through the EsayaBrowserML™ Gateway.Responsibilities        : Interacting with Technical head and worked onDesigning Interface and classes. I was handling two people team,managing team and task as per schedules. I was in Coding, Writing TestCases, System Test and Support

DNC DATA SYSTEMS, Belapur, New Mumbai                                                                                May’03-Jun’04

 ezProofs™ - Review and Approval Management System

Software Programmer

Technology         : SWING, Java Advance Imaging (JAI), JDBC, JDK 1.4   

Description         : The web based ezProofs™ - Review and ApprovalManagement System with full online annotation and collaborationsupport is being designed and developed to aid the authors to view andannotate their proofs from any remote location. The system willessentially be collaboration and tracking system with annotationfunctionality using both the standard and custom proofing marks.ezProofs will allow collaboration among the Editors and otherend-users/staff at both the eContent publisher and providerfacilities. ezProofs™ will hold an electronic archive containingfiles/images and the related annotations (with revision history) usingfile directories, SQL databases and XML for holding data.

Responsibilities        : Involved in Technical discussion and designingInterface and classes, Coding, Writing Test Cases, system test. 

OrbiTech Solutions Ltd( CitiCorp Overseas Ltd)                                                         Mar'01-May'02

Global Interdict (GI) for FTN (Fund TransferNetwork), CITIBANK, NY (USA)                                 Jun’01-May’02    

Jr.  Analyst

Technology     : Java, SWING, Jdk1.1.8, VISIBROKER v3.4/4.1forJava; Oracle8.0.5/8.1.6,                          Netscape Enterprise Web Server.    

Description        : Global Interdict is a functional CORBA serverprovides text-matching services. There is a database of test stringsmaintained in the Global Interdict System, and clients provide textsto be scanned for matches against these strings. The return consistsof information stored in the database corresponding to each matchedstring. Client businesses may provide these data, or they may comefrom outside or common sources. Matching may be exact or loose,allowing for spelling or typographical errors. Loose matching iscontrolled by parameters stored in the database along with each textstring. Users and operators have access to database through graphicaluser interface. User profiles control whether a user can view ormodify data. Each business unit may contribute text strings to thedatabase to be used only with its own scans, and may use globallyprovided text strings for scans as well.    Responsibilities    : Involved in Coding, System Test and doingmaintenance and Live Support.

 Channel Finance Speed Collect (CFSC) for CITIBANK, Mumbai                                                                Mar’01- May’01    

Jr.  Analyst

Technology         : Java, Servlet, Sun Solaris v2.5, Netscape Ent. WebServer v3.6 and Pearl v5.04    

Description        : The CFSC application is a WEB based solution thatenables Citibank's customers to access their reports through a webbrowser based interface. They can view report and download, performsearch, give feedback. The user can use the system to view theperiodicity or frequency of access or download of the specified reporttype, log files. There is System maintenance Modules, which canperform log file purging and report file purging   

Responsibilities    : Involved in Designing and Coding.(Reengineering & support)

ATCOM TECHNOLOGIES LTD                                                                                                      Jan'00-Mar’01

Remote Database Management Tool                                                                                                             Jan’01–Mar’01    

Software Programmer    

Technology       : SWING, JDBC    

Description        : Remote Database Management Tool which give thefacility to update the database, which is kept in the VSNL. The toolis using SERVLETS which is updating the database in the Server.    Responsibilities : Involved Coding and Testing.

Database Maintenance Tool for Exchange Software                                                                          Apr’00–Dec’00    

Software Programmer    

Technology       : Java, SWING, JDBC    

Description        : This Project was on SWING and JDBC. The variousForms developed in SWING, which has the Functionality to performdifferent functions to maintain the database for the Exchangesoftware. The Form creates the unique Item Code for different item ofdifferent Brand with their respective Company. Also specifies in whichcategory it is generated for easy maintenance of the data.   

Responsibilities    :  Involved in Coding and Testing.

Mail Merge Software                                                                                                          Jan’00-Mar’00

Software Programmer

Technology         : Java, SWING, JDBC    

Description        : As Programmer involved in Development usingJAVA1.1.3 and MS Access as back-end. This software provides facilityto keep records of the Customer to whom   you want to keep always onthe mailing list. The Forms made in swing, which provide to insert theClient, Business and Personal Details into your Database. Your cansend the Mail according to Country, Designation, Business Category andcan have Address Labels, Details of the mailed message. Report basedon Date, Client, Message and Employee of the Company who is Operatingthe Software.    Responsibilities    : Involved in Coding and Integration

 Non-IT Experience

MUSCAT MUNICIPALITY  IRRIGATION FOREMAN                                                            DEC'98-DEC'99    Muscat Municipality, which looking after the beautification of the city. I was responsible for the Installation & commissioning of ComputerizedIrrigation System and handling of 15 people team.

Shah Irrigation Systems Design & Marketing Engineer, Mumbai                                            DEC'96-NOV'98   Shah Irrigation Systems is one of the pioneer distributors ofRainBird Irrigation product. I was responsible for Designing, Marketing,Installation & commissioning of Landscape Irrigation system. I was handling five people team.




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