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David Kichler


Location: Vancouver, BC


Certified Scrum Developer
Certified ScrumMaster


My name is Dave Kichler and I am a software developer passionate about doing things well. As such, I spend a lot of time discovering what 'well' means. Throughout my search I have come to believe strongly in many things including, but not limited to, creating software with an Agile approach, maintaining a strong emphasis on quality throughout, and delivering software continuously.

I have had a keen interest in Agile practices since one of my very first opportunities in the field as a developer.  I worked in a intern position for Business Objects (now SAP) back in 2008 which really opened my eyes to how effective Agile methodology can be.  I was brought in as part of the scrum team, something many organizations hesitate to do with interns but that Business Objects embraced, and I could not have been more lucky.  What I experienced was a high functioning team producing quality software to spec while remaining in control of their own committments and goals.  It was impressive to say the least.  

The experience at Business Objects motivated me to become somewhat of an Agile champion myself.  After graduating University and securing one of my first primary roles as a developer at the start of 2010, I sought out professional certification as a Scrum Master.  At the time, my organization (Seeker Solutions) was primarily a research group that was loosely organized and largely self-driven by the researchers themselves.  Luckily, my forward thinking on gaining Scrum Master training became very practically useful when Seeker landed one of it's first major projects in the start of 2011.  I lead the team that developed that project as a team lead/scrum master, effectively introducing the first implementation of a true SDLC in the organization.  

I continued on as a scrum master at Seeker for a couple of years and growing my knowledge and experience of Agile along the way.  I continue to do this by reading books from leaders in the field and articles from Agile sources online including Scrum Alliance, Agile Alliance, Software Quality Engineering, etc.  I also began attending Agile focused conferences to stay as current as possible and also make connections with thought leaders and practicitioners in the field.  I try my best to take new ideas presented throughout these conferences and literature and try them out on my own scrum team as part of the general Agile principle of continuous improvement.  

All in all, I've come to have a deep respect and commitment to Agile principles and truly believe it is the most effective model for developing modern software applications (certainly there are some exceptions, but they are niche markets and not representative of the whole).  I am generally excited to see how the field will mature over time as many concepts are still young and will undoubtedly go through some tweaking or more thorough validation before 


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