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Donnie Hagan


Program Manager, DMI

Location: USAFA, CO



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

COS Agile Scrum User Group


D. Gene Hagan

I am currently a program manager of the Cadet Administration and Management Information System (CAMIS) Legacy system and we have been using Agile software development for just over three years. Prior to coming to USAFA, I've worked as a technical writer, a telecommunications engineer, an electronic security systems manager, an adjunct lecturer, and as an electronic systems installation supervisor. I've also owned two of my own businesses, one building race car engines and the other was landscape maintenance (we mowed lawns). Academically I'm getting ready to start an MBA with a Computer Science emphasis, I have a Master's degree in Project and Technology Management, and a Master's (abt) in Human Relations with an emphasis in Organizational Psychology. In other words, I'm interested in a lot of things but one common thread throughout is working projects, be it building an engine for a customer or helping my students learn a particular subject. By working across multiple disciplines, I've learned that some of the same tools that work in one area of concentration cross discipline boundaries and work just as well, or better, in others. Agile techniques have worked in every area I have opted to exercise them in.

Work experience

DMI, Program Manager
November 2010 - Present, USAFA, CO, US
The Cadet Administration and Mqanagement Information System (CAMIS) is the system used for maangement and tracking everything associated with the education of Air Force Academy cadets. We provide the operation and sustainment for the system. As such, we have been asked to develop new appications and modify existing programs to meet the ever-changing needs of the Air Force Academy. Agile development and the daily scrum were initially met with less that favorable reviews but those feelings quickly changed when the workforce realized what the methodology could do for them and for the customers. Our developer effectiveness increased by over 20 percent in just a single semester.


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