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Duncan Evans


ScrumMaster (contract), Pearson

Location: London, UK


Certified ScrumMaster



Duncan Evans is a contract ScrumMaster and agile coach with experience in defence, finance, media and online retail. He trained in agile with an outstanding delivery team at the BBC, gained commercial experience at ASOS during an agile transformation and is currently working on an agile transformation at Pearson. Day to day he is very team-focused, making sure he is in touch with the ambitions and needs of individuals so that he can help built a high-performing well-motivated group of people.


Work experience

Pearson PLC, ScrumMaster / Agile coach
April 2013 - Present, London, United Kingdom
ScrumMaster / Agile coach, ScrumMaster
July 2012 - April 2013, , United Kingdom
Took over ScrumMaster responsibilities from an agile transformation consultant and led the formation of a team of six engineers Kicked off a project to replace a legacy in-house CMS with a SiteCore solution that would reduce the cost of change for ASOS. I did this by taking the product owner and team through a user story mapping exercise to produce a backlog maximising early delivery of value Coordinated a “small change” scheme to deliver high-value low-cost changes to the business by rotating one team per sprint onto a backlog which has been valued in financial terms Active in the ScrumMaster community at ASOS, facilitating sessions on retrospective ideas, recruitment, and improving team environments. Informally mentoring fellow ScrumMasters Coaching the development team, product owners and programme manager on the effects of their behaviors and the perceptions that these drive, and have recently put an action plan in place for two engineers seeking promotion Managed the recruitment needs of my team as hiring manager, ensuring that the existing engineers have been involved and consulted during this process Line management of the team following a re-org in December 2012, taking engineers through objective setting exercises and promotions processes. Taking an active coaching role and encouraged them to manage their own aspirations. Co-trained a two day off-site course on Scrum and the agile principles, using practical exercises and simulations to promote discussion and learning

October 2010 - July 2012, London, United Kingdom
ScrumMaster for several teams developing measurement systems, visual components, and infrastructure for BBC online. Delivered a system to send data on iPlayer usage to a third party vendor used to measure the rest of BBC online, providing a consolidated tool for the audiences team and paving the way to reduce BBC datacentre costs Managed the delivery of a £4.5M contract by the third party for the system above, to ensure the BBC was contractually protected while ensuring the focus was on a healthy collaborative relationship. Delivered several urgent short term releases including an EU cookie regulation solution and a marketing requirement for the Olympic rings dropdown, responding to the business requirements where reputational damage was at steak while maintaining coding standards and platform stability Active member of a community of ScrumMasters within the BBC, sharing issues and ideas

November 2009 - October 2010, London, United Kingdom
Software development in an agile team (practising Scrum) working with object oriented Perl, MySQL and Active MQ on a Linux platform (RHEL) Working on the system responsible for ingest, transcoding, metadata enrichment and publishing of AV assets for the BBC iPlayer, my specific contributions included the development of module reducing the manual effort for subtitle encoding, a new system for media file management and an ActiveMQ module.

Articles I've written

Software Is Made of Learning
Compared with other types of projects, such as construction, I propose that software development may be highly biased toward team members learning the problem, and that building the software is a tiny fraction of the overall effort. If so, then we should approach software development projects to maximize learning and pay less attention to tracking build tasks. . . .


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