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Diego Eis
Product Manager/Coordinator
Diadema, São Paulo, Brazil


Diego Eis TL:DR; With 13 years of experience in web projects, my first job was direct and manage my own company during 5 years. There, I manage many projects with clients like Nokia, Accenture, Whirlpool, Johnson & Johnson and many others. In these days we had 25 people working with us, divided in back-end, front-end and UX specialists. In this moment, I hit for the first time the agile thinking. Were great times to grow and fail. In the past 4 years, I'm a coordinator of a product team, using Scrum, consisting with developers, UX and P.O. We develop a site builder service, where clients can have a chance to create a website and conquer a little space on web. /=/=/=/=/ About web community: In 2003 I create a website called Tableless (, where I and other authors write about best practices of web development, marketing and design. Tableless is a reference about front-end and web development website in Brazil, helping the web development community grows. More informations if you like to read more: I trained in HTML / CSS persons and teams from various companies link Nokia,, Google Brasil, Yahoo! Brasil, Banco Itaú and others. By invitation W3C I trained representatives of several companies in Brazil entire teaching about HTML5, CSS3 and best practices in web development. I've spoken at QCon, TDC, OlhóSEO, AgileVale, Encontro Locaweb, Webbr, RuPY, DACOMP, Conferência W3C, World Usability Day, Joomla Day and many others.