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Debashish Dutta Majumder


Technical Quality Advisor, FedEx Services

Location: Pittsburgh, PA



Certified ScrumMaster


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As a software quality practitioner, I cannot imagine working on anything other than the most business critical, inherently complex and functionally relevant multi-tier systems. I truly enjoy helping build a meticulously crafted system that serves a real-world need or fixes a major business problem and relish the fruits of my labor.

If you buy anything at Staples or request a pickup or get a delivery from FedEx or if you have an insurance policy or fixed investment with John Hancock, or if you simply pick up a prescription at CVS or stay at a Mariott, you're using a critical business system I've helped build from scratch and therein lies my career fulfillment knowing that my work touches people's lives in a positive way.

I am very interested in projects that deal with ensuring the robustness and quality of enterprise-scale solutions utilizing SoA, SaaS/cloud based systems, mobile solutions, dynamic content delivery, P2P/advanced messaging solutions etc.


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