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David Campey


Chief Infologist, Information Logistics

Location: Cape Town, South Africa



David Campey runs Information Logistics, an agile software production company in Cape Town (South Africa).

He is focused on process (Agile, Scrum, Lean Start-up) and still tries to get to the code-face when possible often pairing or prototyping.

Started developing in python & C# for pay in 2004, still doing it & helping others do it.

First scrum board put up at Microsoft in 2007, based on "Scrum & XP from the Trenches", and been learning since then.

B.Sc(Eng) Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Cape Town, 2003.



Work experience

Allan Gray, Agile Coach
March 2012 - Present, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

I coach Agile at Allan Gray.

Initially I was filling in for Scrum Masters missing / on leave and helped as SM directly on teams.

These days my role includes:

 - helping run monthly Intro to Agile/Scrum trainings for all employees,

 - coaching Agile Engineering practices directly in teams needing to grow their skills,

 - facilitating better cross-team collaboration and desigining information radiators.

Information Logistics, Founder member
July 2004 - Present, Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa

Founded Information Logistics in '04 with a mission of "doing software right" and have iterated the company through a number of ways of working on customer projects.

Over the years, we have worked on many different projects (

I started the beginnings of Scrum on a Microsoft Project in 2007 which was stuck in a waterfall of despair. What I learned there transformed my company and led to our current Scrum team-week based model. We have been running this model successfully for the past few years. It particularly suits start-ups so we have been working a lot in that space combining Lean Startups with Agile/Scrum.

I run the company and coach process for teams and products, while still jumping in to pair program or help at the whiteboard where needed.

In my 10th year and still enjoying it.

MK Airlines, Developer
November 2003 - June 2004, Upper Hartfield, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Change management & application customization on "IFplan" crewing application, a replacement for white-boards in planning and management of crew allocations.


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