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Carlos Sirias


Technologist, Pernix-Solutions

Location: Costa Rica

+506 88230938


Certified ScrumMaster



Carlos is a Professional Software Engineer with 14 years of experience in process automation, inventory management and IT Service Management, applications for data exchange / data transformation and content management systems (CMS)


His professional career has always been tied to software development, nowadays he is our Senior Strategist overlooking and adapting our processes, looking for ways to eliminate waste. He also coaches our teams and personally runs our New Employee program were we try to change the mindset of our new comers to work in highly productive environment were working software is the primary measure of progress.


At the training field Carlos has 10 years as a trainer and associate professor at prestigious universities in the country. He has trained development teams at clients such as: Grupo ICE, Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones, Instituto Nacional de Seguros and several financial institutions such as Banco Popular and Banco Nacional de Costa Rica. He has also been invited by EU nonprofit organizations to spread knowledge on the JAVA stack.

He is currently writing a book entitled "Simple Software Development for Software Professionals" and is a frequent article writer at Agile Journal and InfoQ.


His field of expertise is application development lifecycle with the support of easy and adaptable processes based on engineering practices and disciplines. He has frequently being invited to talk on those topics at conferences in Argentina, Brazil, US and India. Carlos holds an MBA, Bachelors in Software Engineering and is currently a Microsoft Certified Trainer.



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