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Charles Rodriguez


ScrumMaster, Red Hat

Location: Raleigh, NC


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Hello, I am Charles Rodriguez. I was born in Miami, Florida. Throughout my middle and high school years I enjoyed participating in collaborative activities ranging from student government to team sports. After graduating high school, I moved to Gainesville, Florida to study at the University of Florida. During my final year at the university I began an internship with Infinite Energy that blossomed into a successful career as a developer and manager. In 10 years with the company I climbed the ranks from Report Writer to Senior Software Development Supervisor. In 2009, I graduated with my MBA from the University of Florida. I truly discovered agility during the Agile West conference in 2013. Upon returning from the conference, I led a grass-roots movement within the company to shift their Software Development Life Cycle from Waterfall to Scrum. I am very interested in evangelizing Agile methodologies into the software development industries. I currently work for Red Hat in Raleigh, NC; I work within a high performing team and a company that has already undergone its Agile adoption/transition, but seeks continuous improvement. I look forward to working alognside many other Agile leaders I this region and beyond to continue leading the movement across the industry and beyond.


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Work experience

Dude Solutions, Inc., Scrum Master
June 2016 - Present, Cary, North Carolina, United States
Joined Dude Solutions as a Scrum Master. The organization is growing quickly, and they were seeking a coach that had experience in larger organizations. In this role, I'm taking more of a coaching role; the teams have been constructed with the intent of self organization. Me and the other Scrum Master split time between 3 teams for each of us. With so many teams, coaching is the only approach where a Scrum Master can be effective. Thus far, I have enjoyed taking this approach. I look forward to tackling the scaling issue as the organization continues to grow.

Red Hat, Scrum Master
November 2014 - June 2016, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
I was selected to join one of the high performing teams at Red Hat as a Scrum Master. Together with keeping a high performing team on cadence and continuous improvement, Red Hat has encouraged me to continue writing and publishing in the Agile community along with participating in regional Agile event.

Synergetic Management Solutions, LLC, Co-Founder
August 2014 - November 2014, Gainesville, FL
I Co-Founded my own LLC that aims to assist organizations in their adoption of Scrum. After recognizing how difficult it could be for a movement to maintain momentum from within, I quickly realized that it takes outside influences to drive real change in an organization.

Infinite Energy, Sr. Development Supervisor
April 2010 - August 2014, GAINESVILLE, Florida, United States
Technical manager for multiple teams. As a member of the CRM development team, I served the following roles: developer, project manager, analyst, and ScrumMaster. Infinite Energy often selected me to attend its recruiting activities in the community to speak about the company. Successfully managed teams of 10+ members comprised of developer, analysts, and project managers. Coordinated the formation of the internal user group to establish source control standards. Led the design for multiple high profile projects; I followed the design through implementation and delivery. In 2013, I led the movement to transition away from Waterfall to Scrum; in less than a year we had 5 times implementing Scrum and establishing their pace.

Infinite Energy, Development Supervisor
November 2007 - March 2010, Gainesville, Florida, US
Technical Manager leading the development for the company's transaction processing and invoicing teams. As the technical manager, I mentored the team members on leadership and database development. Together, the teams delivered some of the most high profile products for Infinite Energy, including entering a new market with a brand new commodity.

Infinite Energy, Development Team Lead
June 2006 - October 2007, Gainesville, Florida, US
Spearheaded development on the company's invoicing engine as the team lead. This team designed, coded, and managed the complex invoicing engine primarily built in TSQL. Dropped the error rate in the invoicing engine by over 75%; the team used weekly sprints to tackle the 100+ defect backlog. Over the course of a year, the billing engine became extremely dependable and efficient.

Infinite Energy, Database Developer 2
July 2005 - May 2006, Gainesville, Florida, US
Primary database developer for high profile projects including: UI Data Access, Billing, and Transactions. Successfully delivered a tiered billing system built in the database to match the current technology. Performed the role of team lead for multiple small projects and successfully delivered.

Infinite Energy, Database Developer 1
May 2004 - June 2005, Gainesville, Florida, US
Member of the database development team. Responsible for developing stored procedures, functions, and triggers to support the business and architectural standards established by senior developers. Designed and implemented properly formed database objects that would store pertinent customer data.

Articles I've written

The Quest to Transition
The quest of transitioning away from traditional, plan-driven development may prove one of the most challenging commitments an organization will make. The "Ghosts of Processes Past" will creep up at the most inconvenient moments, but far worse are the monsters that lie in wait.


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