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Catia Oliveira
Agile & Scrum Coach at KING.
London, UK



I am Cátia and I've been an Agile follower since 2007 when I first certified as a Scrum Master and started my very first Scrum project. 

Since then I've been working mostly with big companies with big projects and very smart people :). My work has mostly been around improving ways of work and creating communication bridges among different roles, stakeholders and temperaments!

Scrum master is more than mastering the scrum process and that is a lesson I have been learning and trying to be prepared for. Still every project, every single person we interact with, is a new challenge and as such demands us to create new skills in order to suceed in nedeed transformations. 

Inspect and Adapt: still the biggest truth in any Agile oriented practice,


See ya around!