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Christophe Le Coent


Senior Project Manager, Experis (freelance)

Location: London (UK)


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

London, UK


Starting scrum after reading "Agile planning and estimating" with a small team of 4 people, I attended Mike Cohn' 4 days training (CSM, Agile Planning and Estimating, User Stories Applied) to give me the confidence and become a better scrum master. I have been doing scrum master role, doing agile coaching to team members and project managers for the last 4 years reflecting on what agile values & principles: coaching other people have helped understand better what Agile and the scrum framework are about.

Work experience

Etat de Vaud, Agile Project Manager
March 2013 - Present, Lausanne, Switzerland

Agile project manager: DDD

Wonga, Agile coach - project manager
May 2012 - Present, London, United Kingdom
Just started with about 40h of agile coaching using user story mapping. I am in the process of publishing my first article for the scrum alliance on the RACI matrix (RACI+F for Facilitator). The article has been approved.

TomTom, Project manager
December 2010 - May 2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands
On my first project, I was scrum master (and project owner). We set up UX parallel development track, created a good product backlog with the customer in Paris (3 days) and getting started with our sprints. We had a good definition of done with strong focus on automation testing. We had regular demos with our customers and communicated with them weekly. For the next projects, we decided to use mindmap and story mapping to express our product backlogs. It was quite successful (especially to stay away from JIRA and Rally as long as possible) and help build team spirit. I also started coaching other project managers to do scrum better including: - presentation on scrum, how to created DoD, how to write good user stories - answering questions - running retrospectives different ways - supporting release planning and introducing "big room" day planning - introduce release trains to program managers I also looked into change management with bed time reading such as "succeeding with agile", "Switch: how to change when change is hard", "Scaled agile framework" and also lots of webinars on Product Owner role, Agile governance, Scaling agile etc from VersionOne, MountainGoatSoftware and Rally. Number of hours as scrum master: 1800 Number of hours coaching scrum: 400 Number of hours on governance, C.I, "project management" within Scrum etc: 200

TBD, Project manager
August 2009 - May 2010, Abu dhabi, United Arab Emirates
I was in charge of a project contracted to a supplier. We decided to use scrum and I created the product backlog with my team and shared it with the vendor. After the first sprint, lots of issues cropped up to the point it was clear our supplier could not deliver the project: they did not have the technical skills. We decided to change of vendor but I quickly realised the project would be more than 12 months project as opposed to 3 months. Because of the political environment, nobody wanted to tell our customers about the real timelines we were working with: total lack of openness was the strategy... I quit after a few months... Although the outcome was pretty negative, I learned a lot about scrum and agile: scrum is not the solution and sometimes you have to learn that scrum will not work: this is not the right environment. Number of hours as a scrum master: 300h

Cambridge Silicom Radio, Project manager
May 2008 - April 2009, Cambridge, United Kingdom
I joined CSR as project manager (consultant) and introduced scrum to a team of 4. This was after reading "Agile Planning & Estimating". We were not very "Scrum" but we were agile trying to improve both our product backlog and working practices (including sprint reviews with our internal customers). We had a 4 week sprint initially for about 4/5 months and then the team wanted 2 weeks sprints, daily stand ups (as opposed to 3 times a week). As said, we continuously improved and were able to improve our scrum practices by the team itself. I then presented teams to group leaders who asked me to help set up their teams (2). So this was more coaching and the honeymoon period with scrum was over: changing people and trying to do scrum well is not that simple but it is a great challenge! Amount of hours as a scrum master: 1000 hours

Articles I've written

The RACI+F Matrix
We can all agree that shared responsibilities are important on a project, but we should also have clear accountability. Someone must ultimately be answerable for the correct and thorough completion of the deliverable, and that should be a unique i...

Give Life to Your Product Backlog
 A common perception when working in Agile is, "Welcome changes over following a plan." In the Agile Manifesto, however, the phrases "Welcome changing requirements, even late in development. Agile processes harness change for the customer's competitive advantage" still mean you need a plan to begin with.How can we express the product backlog so that we can easily provide enough planning information to management without compromising on Agile principles?


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