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Chunlei He



Certified ScrumMaster


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Scrum Hangzhou


1. Life, is cheerful, treats people sincerely, have good interpersonal skills 2. Work, have a strong sense of responsibility, have the courage to undertake work load 3. Project management, familiar with all kinds of standard processes, including: project development process, test process flow, material flow, the process of product configuration and change management, defect management, risk process, the training process, review procedures are quite familiar, and GongSiJi training popularization 4. Test management, on demand analysis, test plan, test case design, test strategy, test execution arrange and tracking various links are familiar, and relative guidance, work out plans for related standard document 5. Quality management, familiar with project process control, quality measurement and quality work, and in the back of the actual responsible for project get very good application

Work experience

Vanceinfo, Test manager
March 2008 - March 2011, Hangzhou, ZheJiang, China
Testing skills: 1. Basic knowledge of network communication knowledge and common communication agreement 2. Familiar with various testing management tools, defect tracking tools, project management tools to use 3. Responsible for project project performance test and test automation work development, and play the role in the testing project 4. Making the stage and testing work, including the checklist: test requirement analysis inspection forms, test plan inspection forms, test cases inspection forms, test execution entrances standards, etc 5. Use SPC tool to analyze the testing process work, find out problems, improve test 6. Use ODC Gompertz, analyzes on the defects, to judge the quality, develop test work version effect Project management: 1. GongSiJi test process formulated, including: integrated validation type test, agile test process guidance 2. Familiar with various test plans, including: testing and verification plan, the stage plan, week plan, and be familiar with various plans to work arrangements and monitoring 3. Familiar with test evaluation, plan to provide data for reference for personnel and arrange 4. Familiar with the project master strategy and version of execution strategy formulation 5. Familiar with test needs work content, and arrange testers for test requirement analysis 6. Familiar with test scheme, and according to the writing of project characteristic for adjustment, scheme writing test design provides support 7. Familiar with and develop test cases writing process, and can be a very good mastery test cases maintain and update 8. Familiar with version of inward and outward standards, can test the test execution work in tracking and adjust 9. Familiar with and making the defect management process, standardize the project defect management process, test organization to check the end leakage problem analysis, online measurement quality back problems 10. Familiar with integral whole project process, test journey, configuration management, risk management, quality, etc, and done back the related training work


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