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Cecilia Hagge


Software and Computer Engineer

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agiles Argentina


Cecilia studied computer and software engineering at Buenos Aires University in Argentina whose capital city is where she was born and currently lives in. Along her years of study and experience, she realized that the process of building software needed desperately an organization and a process different than the ones that were being practiced, and that management was a key issue in order to succeed in that new approach. Later on, she discovered that though different methodologies already existed, they weren’t simply being applied.

Numerous practical experiences have driven her field of study into agile management. Initially, she was given the chance to travel abroad as a student for 6 months in order to complete elective courses for the university degree, one of which was about software engineering management. Secondly, at college she chose the management specialization. Finally, she has been working on Zauber growing professionally from an inexpert junior developer to a senior developer and project manager and learning everyday how to deal with technical, human, economic and political problems in the software context through an agile methodology.

All factors considered, she looks forward to keeping studying in the software engineering management field and specially in the agile coaching field in order to continue and enhance her academic relationships and interests in the formation of new engineers, helping improve the software industry in her country and promoting the application of better methodologies.

Work experience

Zauber, Project Manager
April 2009 - Present, Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
Focus in web and mobile applications. Big Data project for an Ad Network client. Scrum Methodology. Developing mostly in Java and Javascript. Participating in QA Team


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