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Chia Wei Cheng


Scrum Master, E2open Development

Location: Kuala Lumpur


Certified ScrumMaster


Work experience

E2open Development, Agile ScrumMaster
May 2011 - Present, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Scrum Master

Articles I've written

Failure IS an Option
This is an article asking you to fail. More precisely: Fail now for greater success later. One of the five Scrum values is courage. Courage to point out problems, ask for help, receive help, and — most important — take risks even thou...

Story Points Versus Task Hours
"Cheng, this is just a three-point story. We shouldn't take more than 30 hours to do this," one of the developers told me during the sprint planning. And a development manager once advised me, "Cheng, you must not pull in any other stories, becau...


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