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Somanathan Kaimal


R&D Line Manager, Nokia Seimens Networks Pvt Ltd

Location: Bangalore, India


Certified ScrumMaster



Somanathan B Kaimal

Phone: +91-9886444052 ~ Email:,



Professional Snapshot


4       A mission focused leader with a proven success of more than 10 years in Product Development, Project Management, Quality Assurance and Trouble shooting in Telecom/Networking domain.

4       Presently associated with a US Based MNC as Technical Manager. Proven success in Project Management activities entailing requirement analysis, design; project planning, delivery management & quality assurance based on OO technology.

4       Successfully led and build strong engineering team in developing new products from scratch as well maintaining large complex system.

4       Deft in managing complete project activities ensuring timely deliveries as per the defined timelines and quality standards with proficiency at grasping new technical concepts quickly and utilize the same in a productive manner.

4       Thorough understanding of the SDLC entailing requirement analysis, software design, development, testing, debugging and troubleshooting, as well as providing maintenance support.

4       Insightful knowledge and experience in C++ (Unix / Linux / Windows), UML, JAVA, XML, SOAP using Object Oriented methodology in large complex system and hands on experience on each of the modules.

4       Experience in Release management and part of process management team.

4       Thorough knowledge and experience in design patterns and SIP based VOIP architecture.

4       In-depth knowledge and experience in memory profiling, debugging, performance analysis and load support.     

4       Posses Rational IBM Certification in OOAD and UML and experience in OOAD using Rational Rose and Magicdraw.  

4       Completed PMP training and pursuing certification.

4       Possess excellent track record of zero attrition rate achieved through motivational programs and resource management.

Core Competencies




Managerial  Skills


Undertaking case / system / process Study. Project planning, scoping, estimation, tracking & monitoring the performance through progress reports. Implementing project plans within preset budgets and deadlines. Negotiating SLA’s for large and medium-size business transformation projects.

Functional Skills



SDLC Planning


Designing and developing software for various Software Applications. Handling testing, system integration, debugging and troubleshooting of the application. Co-ordinating for smooth implementation of software project at client location. Extend post-implementation, application maintenance and technical support to the client.





Software Development



Designing & developing workflow program and handle various phases of application development. Testing software programs to compare to specifications and documentation. Developing system design document for subsystems, ICD. Conducting brainstorming sessions, providing guidelines for high level deisgn and low level design and also hands on in case of emergency. Identifying, analyzing defects, questionable functions, errors and inconsistencies in software program functions, outputs and content. Involve in application development and Unit, Integration and System Testing. Debugging and troubleshooting of the application. Ensuring smooth implementation and testing of the application and extend post go-live & application maintenance support to the client.

Accepting testing for released projects and allocating resources. Conducting verification and validation Testing, Security Testing, System Testing and installation testing of Client Server Application and web application.

Team Management

Developing, managing & monitoring the performance of team members and conceptualising need-based training programs for performance efficiency.



Career Contour


Since May’05               US Based Telecom Product Company as Technical Manager

Apr’00 – Apr’05           Wipro Technologies, Bangalore in Band B2

Mar’99 – Mar’00          Clinarium Software Bangalore as Software Engineer – Design

Oct’98 – Feb’99           BFL Software Bangalore as Test Engineer 

Projects Executed


Project Title                Push To Talk (P2T) Over Cellular 2G and 3G

Client                            Wireless Service providers: Cingular, Orange.

Tenure                          Since May’05                                         Team Members 08

Role                              Technical Manger


Technology                    P2T, C++, Linux/Unix, UML, Magic Draw, GDB, SOAP, VC++, JAVA, Tomcat Servlet, XML, Apache Web Server

Development Platform    Linux, CVS, GDB, ACE


Functioning as key person for handling project management activities including effort estimation, task scheduling, deliverables tracking. Technical guidance to the team members during all phases of software development. Hands-on in technical issues in case of emergency, and responsibilities include FDD reviews, discussions, design solution, proposals and implementation (if required) for Presence subsystem.


Owns following modules: CLG, presence, PoC, IP Transporter, Alarm introduction (3GOMA Specification), XDM Module (JAVA, APACHE Web Server, TOMCAT Servlet), XML Libraries (using XERCES-C), Data Replicator, LI Optimization, Geo Redundant Gateway and Roaming Number Issues, 250 contact support, Inter Carrier Messaging Framework, CCDF and various libraries.

Project Title                Lawful Interception (Phone Tapping Product for Nortel’s Succession & TDM Network)

Client                            LI International Market/ North American Market of Nortel Network

Tenure                          Dec’03 – Apr’05                         Team Members 15

Role                              Onsite Coordinator & responsible for Design Level Customer Support and Sustenance


Technology                                NGN, C++ (GWC), Protel (CM), Expect Script

Development Platform                PLS - HP Unix 


Successfully delivered Israeli LI market fit feature on time in SN07 (Release) time frame. Project was customer funded, and the requirement changed many times. Was able to pick up quickly on the product and helped other team members in completing the project on time. Introduced Israel ISUP, Israel PRI, FDCP and Line feature support as part of this feature work. Handled PV support for Israeli LI market fit feature for SN07.
Providing Global Product Support for LI international and North American Market. Solved Change Request (CR) raised in Succession LI (CS2K) product. Delivering correction feature in SN08 release. Validating and distributing CRs to offshore queue.


Received Feather In My Cap (FIMC) Award for customer support role and FC issues.

Project Title                Nortel's MMP 100 Product Design

Client                            Nortel Networks

Tenure                          Aug’02 – Dec’02                         Team Members 35 (Maiden head Team)

Role                              Senior System Engineer


Technology                                NGN, C++ (GWC), Protel (CM), HP Unix, SOS(Real Time OS)

Development Platform                PLS - HP Unix 


This project was executed from Nortel's Maidenhead Lab. During this period the project was designed, implemented and tested the FAILMSG feature with echo cancellation feature.

Project Title                Succession Lines, Trunks and QoS. 

Client                            Nortel Networks

Tenure                          Jan’03 – Nov’03                          Team Members 60

Role                              Senior System Engineer


Technology                                NGN, C++ (GWC), Protel (CM), Expect Script

Development Platform                PLS - HP Unix Linux

Solved Change Request raised in Nortel's International Succession Network (CS2K) product in the area of base Lines and Trunks. Involved in setting up and maintaining Virtual Captive Office. Associated in Indian ISUP (BSNL), FAILMSG, Wipro IN ownership and Wipro Billing owner ship proposals. Reviewed and guided SP2K OM Server design and implementation. (SP2K is a new platform introduced by Nortel to separate SIP specific functionality from Gateway Controller Platform).

Project Title                Wipro Centre of Excellence Team

Client                            Nortel Networks

Tenure                          Oct’01 – Aug’02                          Team Members 7

Role                              Team Leader 


Technology                                C++, KDE, Java, UML

Development Platform                PLS - HP Unix Linux, Websphere 4.0; Tools: Rational Rose


Following project were executed as part of this focus group: 

Þ      SIP - PRI Inter working (Jul’02- Aug’02): This project was aimed at developing IP-TDM inter working calls. SIP stack was made to inter work with PRI stack developed by our team using CORBA. Moved to this project when it was missing the schedule. Co-ordinated work with other project teams and provided considerable amount of hard work in delivering the project with minimum schedule slippage.

Þ      PRI - IUA Stack Integration (Apr’02 – Jul’02)

Þ      PRI Stack Development (Dec’01 – Apr’02), Was instrumental in design and leading the team in implementation of Layer 3 of PRI stack in completely Object Oriented.

Þ      Internet Call Waiting (ICW) (Oct’01 – Dec’01) - Lead the team in design and Implementation of this project. Co-coordinated with other project teams in integrating PRI Stack (Third Party). 

Project Title                DMS – 100 International Billing

Client                            Nortel Networks

Tenure                          Mar’00 – Oct’01                          Team Members 12

Role                              Designer 


Technology                                Nortel DMS 100 telephone switch

Development Platform                SOS, Pascal, Protel, HP Unix.

Flexible Module Code Support in Automated Message Accounting (AMA) record - MMP17 release. GSP Support for Billing (AMA). Apart from the features, was also involved in Sustenance for international Billing and WTSMDR group owner ship. Lead a team of three people in replacing the old utility procedure with the new one, which spread across around 40 modules. During this period team was awarded as best team in Nortel Lab and also scored top in induction training test. 


Project Title                ARISJ Product

Client                            Japanese Market

Tenure                          March 1999 – March 2000                                   Team Members 06

Role                              Developper


Technology                                C++(VC++ Windows), Open Interface, Database: Oracle 7.3

Development Platform                Windows NT, Windows NT Terminal Server, UML


Delivered Japanese version (ARISJ) of ARIS product. Introduced and maintained Report Server module. Maintained Reports, code list decode module, installer module etc.


Project Title                APC Product Testing

Client                            APC

Tenure                          Sept 1998 – Feb 1999                             Team Members 25

Role                              Test Engineer 


Technology                                Test Powerchute, a UPS monitoring system by APC.

Development Platform                Windows


Involved in functional testing of UPS Monitoring system developed by APC and validation of the bugs uncovered by the group members and log it.   



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