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Bjorn Lundin


Test Strategist, Validate Technology Svenska AB

Location: Stockholm, Sweden


Certified ScrumMaster



Björn Lundin

Many people think that Agile practises means less control, quality and transperancy. The same people often also thinks that it is the programmers who solely drives the development effort. I do not agree that that is the case!

The tester community are focusing on testing, Quality Assurance and measurements in that sense not giving any special threatment on under which methodology they work. My focus as a test strategist is how to best utilize the information retrieved by testing activities, and give it back to development teams as feedback on their progress. I have worked both within teams and along teams driving solutions on feedback dilemmas, as it might be outsourcing, internal/external communication problems or software Quality problems. I have been involved directly in two companies during two years. Later, I have used my experience from both testing and Scrum development coaching teams and individuals on how to make sure Quality is included in their estimates and daily work. I have seen the testing role to be split in at least two separate tracks. One track is the traditional track where testers test on stable software at the end of an iteration and their discoveries can mean problems for the full delivery, The other track is a tester who helps drive the development effort from within the team from day one. 



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