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Baldur Kristjansson


Agile Coach and Consultant, Advania

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland



Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Baldur Kristjánsson

Since starting my career in software development in 2001, I have always been interested in how the work actually gets done. I was puzzled these first years of my career - why is there so much chaos, why do things get done late, badly or not at all from the customer's perspective, and what can we do about it?

In 2006, I was working in the IT department of a fast-growing bank. I had successfully led an innovative online banking project for the retail business. I had no idea that the secrets behind the project's success were mostly Agile principles - release early, release often, get constant feedback from users, and interact with your fellow developers. Shortly after the new product went live, I heard about Scrum for the first time at a conference. Instantly, I knew this was it, both for me personally and the frustrated teams and customers I worked with who were trying to develop their products. As a team manager, I both started a unit of business analysts and product managers, and oversaw the implementation of product backlogs and user stories in place of traditional plan-driven methods. I also helped a few teams experiment with Scrum until I left my job there in 2008.

I finished a Master degree in Business Informatics in 2010 and went back to the software industry after that, employed by IT services vendor Advania. Since October 2010 I have exclusively been in Scrum roles in teams for a client.

Currently, I view myself primarily as an agile coach. My main role now is coaching two teams for a client, and in addition I am helping another company in retraining and restarting their software development teams. I also teach Scrum, Kanban and Agile Product Development in open classes at both of the local universities, and I do these classes in the form of customized workshops for other interested clients. My aspiration for the coming years is to continue coaching agile teams and advance myself in the field.

Work experience

Advania, Agile Coach and Consultant
June 2010 - Present, Reykjavik, Iceland

Valitor: Coaching and product development consulting

As a full-time consultant, I was a driving force in transforming the software development unit of Valitor to Scrum, helping establish a total of five development teams from October 2010 to May 2012, acting as ScrumMaster on three of them and a team member on one alongside the SM role (during the first year).

In May 2012, I assumed the role of Product Owner for one of the two key domains (payment card issuing) and managed the product backlog for two Scrum teams to successfully finish the core development of a new platform. During my time as PO, the platform was implemented for two new international partners. Additionally, five existing domestic partners, with a total of 1600 users and over 500 thousand Visa credit and gift cards, were successfully migrated to the new platform in October 2013. I recently left the PO role to focus more on what I love most - training and coaching Scrum teams.

Classes and workshops

I co-developed a 4-8 hour introductory Scrum course which has been held several times at Advania and in closed format for one client. Additionally, I am enlisted as an instructor at Continuing Education - University of Iceland, where the course is held twice a year.

We also have an agreement with Reykjavik University where we have held two classes on Agile - one for managers and one for product development experts.

I am enthusiastic about developing these classes further and delivering them to interested audiences.

On-site training

I have done on-site training and coaching (team startups and restarts) at three other companies: Advania, AGR and Íslandsbanki. 

Kaupthing Bank, Developer / Manager
July 2005 - August 2008, Reykjavik, Iceland

Web developer on the online banking team from July 2005 to January 2007. Managed an innovative project for the online bank during most of 2006 (Web Payment Plan).

I took on the role of business analyst and product manager for the online bank in January 2007. In April 2007 I was promoted to team manager for a new unit of business analysts and product managers. The IT department's transition to Agile started in 2008 and I oversaw the implementation of the tools of Agile product development in my unit during that time, until I left my job in August to obtain a Master's degree.

Icelandic Medicines Agency, Head of IT
March 2003 - July 2005, Seltjarnarnes, Iceland

Worked at a small government agency on areas as diverse as IT strategy, planning, procurement, project management and user support. Representative of Iceland in implementation groups for three large pan-European IT projects that were ongoing at the time.

Eimskip, Software Engineer
May 2001 - March 2003, Reykjavik, Iceland

Web developer and analyst - worked on implementing a new corporate intranet and a self-service web site for customers.


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