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Brad Dolbec, CSM, CSP


Chief Agile Improvement Officer, Capital One

Location: Richmond, Va 23238


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


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Dolbec, Brad

I have been active in Agile since 2006. At this time, I was the CFO of Small Business Card and Bank and was a leader in transforming that business an an Agile focused delivery business. Specifically, I was the scrum master for the Risk Team and Forecasting teams along with being a product owner for other areas. This ignited my passion for the principles of Agile and how they can not only transform software development but are a leadership approach that can have a game changing impact outside of software delivery.

Since 2010, I realized a dream and have owned the IT delivery processes including Agile and run a group called the Agle Continuous Improvement Center  with the mission of continuing to improve and spread the use of Agile within the corporation. I lead the Agile Coaching program at Capital One which is charged with training and maintaining an Agile coaching competency within Capital One. In this capacity, I have been a product owner for four Scrum teams and a scrummaster/team member on 6 other teams.  This practical application of scrum  has been a huge driver of being able to create the Agile Continuous Improvement Practice and focus it on the value added items that drive better and better scrum practices.

I also am a Professional Certified Coach (Leadership Coaching) through the International Coaching Federation and have found a tremendous amount of synergies between leadership coaching and Agile practices. I have applied those as the leader of the Agile Coaching program at Capital One and as an Agile coach myself.

I am an adjunct professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and run the coaching program for the Executive Masters of Information Systems program. In that capacity, I have created a fusion leadership coaching instruction with Agile Scrum concepts that is unique to IT professionals.

Work experience

Capital One, Product Manager, Agile Continuous Improvement Practice
January 2010 - Present, Richmond, Virginia, United States

Own all delivery processes for Capital One (Agile, Waterfall, etc.), training, Release Management, support,analytics and tools (VersionOne and Clarity).  Specifically in this job I have driven the introduction and adoption of the Scaled Agile concept within the enterprise, driving the development and roll out of all of the Scrum training to aid in the adoption of Agile Scrum and restructuring our Release Management function to be focused on Release Trains.

Specific accomplishments include:

1/1/2010 to present: Product Owner for 4 Scrum Teams and Scrum Master for 2 teams (some examples below)

5/1/2011-8/30/2013: Scrum team member for Capital One's move to VersionOne as the Agile Development tool and rolled it out to over 5,000 users.

9/2011-present: Was Product Owner for new, steamline Agile process for constrained technology platform management tha timproved time to market by 22%

6/1/2013 to present: Product Owner for the Agile Coaching Practice which created from scratch a entire internal coaching curriculum and graduated over 90 coaches, created continuous education programs and maintains internal certification standards.

7/1/2013-present: Product Manager for the Enterprise Deliver Transformaton work which is centered on transforming Capital One into an Agile company.


Capital One, Chief Financial Officer and Product Owner, Small Business Bank and Card
January 2004 - December 2009, Richmond, Virginia, United States

Responsible for all financial processes for the Small Business Bank and Card areas. It was in this job where I first experienced the transforming effects of Agile. I implemented Agile methodologies within the Finance area and was a leader in moving the Small Business line of business into the Agile world.

Scrum Master for the Small Business Risk Office identifying, assessing and managing risk associated with both new and existing business across multiple product line.

Scrum Master on team to reengineer the entire forecast process and specifically bringing in scrum approaches to forecasting. Reduced cycle time by 30% and increased accuracy by 27%

Capital One, Chief Financial Officer
January 2003 - January 2004, Richmond, Virginia, United States

Directed all Financial processes and analysis for the Cross Sell division.

Articles I've written

In Scrum We Trust
When I look over all of the items associated with the Agile Manifesto, there is one belief, one central tenet, that really makes it work. This element is trust. . . .


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