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Berto Coetsee


Scrum MAster, Momentum

Location: Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Berto Coetsee is an Scrum evangelist, he started his Scrum journey in 2010 against his will when his manager saw the value of Agile teams and decided to change the organizations traditional project management approach to become more Agile.  He earned his Scrum Master Certification in 2010 and Product Owner Certification in 2011.

His major achievements include guiding two companies through their most difficult times of their Agile transformations, driving continuous improvement and frequent business value delivery – average of 5 - 22 production deploys during a 2 week cycle.  

His first experience of Scrum was a distributed environment with different teams all over South Africa where he realised the value of co-location when they experimented with the teams sitting in a central place for a couple of iterations.  

He then moved to a very dynamic start-up company as a Scrum Master.  This was a turning point in his career where trust was the foundation of all communication. Every single small change had a big impact both negatively and positively on the teams thus the learning experience and continuous improvement was never ending.

Berto left a great working environment for another opportunity to learn from teams and to coach teams on some of the great experiences he gained over the last 4 years. He is currently a Scrum Master at a financial institution with many challenges as they are starting their Agile journey now.

To Be Continued….      

Work experience

Momentum, Scrum Master
February 2014 - January 2015, Centurion, Gauteng, ZA
I am in a consulting capacity where Momentum is going through a Agile transformation. Momentum is an insurance company - Short term, medical aid, retirement annuities. Many of the teams have been battling with the new way of work and thinking for a while and it is very rewarding to see the transformation they are going through and the value they now see they can deliver in shorter time frames.

Dstv Online - MultiChoice, Process Manager
May 2011 - February 2014, Randburg, Gauteng, ZA
Started as the Scrum Master for the VOD and Original Productions teams. DStv Online was formed as a division (start up) of Multichoice (Pay TV industry) to take Satellite Pay TV to an online platform. The VOD team had to solve complex solutions to stream video content to a South African community with limitations to our internet infrastructure. The original productions team had to deliver sites for reality series like Idols SA, Big Brother Africa, Survivor SA all of which were seasonal and when the show airs the site had to be up. Business value were delivered first and then the rest of the site went live as the show progressed. In my time at online I had many roles Scrum Master, Program Manager, Development Manager and then Process Manager - I later moved into a Coaching role assisting other Scrum Masters. The best thing about being a manager is collecting Tack/press tick.

Mix Telematics, Project Manager
May 2009 - April 2011, Midrand, Gauteng, ZA
Mix Telematics is a vehicle tracking company, we maintained old legacy systems and started with a new Call center application where we had 4 different suppliers (not co-located) and had to develop a new front end and back-end solution using new technologies in order to switch off the old legacy system. We also developed a new contract capturing solution. I acted as the Scrum Master for the teams initially and then the suppliers appointed their own Scrum Masters. We had challenges not being co-located and experimented for about 4 Sprints with all the teams being co-located with much better success but it was not sustainable due to team members of the various suppliers living in different cities.


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