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Alexander Zak


Project Manager, Guidewire Software

Location: Sydney, Australia


Certified ScrumMaster



Alexander Zak

Project Manager at Guidewire Software, San Mateo, CA - one of the leading software makers for insurance industry.

Previously Project Manager at NSW Police, Australia, and consultant at IBM Global Services and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Became interested in Scrum after discovering Scrum and XP fom the Trenches and convinced management in trying it for one project. The project became a success despite lack of resources, changes in requirements, and major restructuring within the organisation. In a traditional waterfall methodology each of these reasons would be sufficient to kill it, but Scrum allowed team to adapt to the changes and deliver the project.

After going live with the first Scrum project for the organisation, I left the company to join Guidewire Software well known for endorsing Scrum from day one. Scrum is used here internally for product development and externally for project implementations on client sites.  

Currently working on implementing Guidewire ClaimCenter for QBE Insurance.

Married, two kids, cat and dog.


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