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Adrian Wible


Agile Software Development Leader, Coriander Technologies

Location: Orlando, FL


Certified ScrumMaster



Adrian Wible

Agile leader with over 25 years of software experience: multiple languages, stacks, architecture, people and project management, consulting, training, coaching, and strategy. Since 2005, I've focused on leading teams (up to 60 people) and coaching on agile/lean practices. 

Focus: the fundamental concepts of agile/lean - not a particular brand. Agile engineering practices (from XP) are a key to success and are often overlooked.

Experience: finance, healthcare, mortgage, insurance, automotive, energy, computer sales, operating systems development, HR, hospitality,  CRM/ticketing, and paint. Stacks - 68030 embedded software to mainframe - Pascal to Ruby on Rails. Hands-on developer, director of development and many stops in-between. Diversity helps me quickly add value in any new environment.

I surround myself with smart people with a passion for software craftsmanship and in the agile principle that “working software is the primary measure of progress” (see agile principles).


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