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Ashutosh Tripathi


Enterprise Architect

Location: Boise, ID


Certified ScrumMaster



Enterprise Architect and Sr. Manager with extensive experience in Enterprise Architecture, Processes & Tools, Design and Development, Technical Support Services, Team Management and Customer Interaction and Project Program Management within many IT and customer segments. I have been in leadership positions throughout my career and have a reputation for being able to move into any new area and contribute – while contributing in increasing the overall effectiveness of the team. I have a technical background (Engineering and CS), outstanding leadership qualities, a desire to create usable, supportable solutions, and a passion for people. 
•Enterprise Architect – As part of the IT Leadership Team, successfully architect and implement multiple high performance and availability, scalable, Service Oriented systems for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare while creating a long-term roadmap/strategy for IT and saving cost.
•Sr. Manager/Enterprise Architect – part of the Services and Strategy team for UST Global, involved in the design and creation of various Managed Service offerings especially in the QA space.
•Architecture and Lead Operations Control for Content and Publishing space in HP-IT – As the Lead Operations within HP-IT, contributed to reduce support cost ~50% through better design, more automated solutions.
•Solutions Architect/Technical Lead in HP-IT – enhanced the design to improve the performance of a global system, accessed across 170 countries in 25 different languages.
•Architect and Technical Lead for the DCC Migration Project for HP Consumer Customer Care space - With its complex infrastructure, across 5 different data centers, Mission Critical Status and “Zero Downtime” SLA, the migration was extremely complex but was one of the most successful, and on-time delivered DCC project.
•Solutions Architect/Project Manager Successfully lead the restoration and migration of an extremely damaged legacy reporting tool to a go-forward solution.

Work experience

State of Idaho, Dept. of Health and Welfare, Enterprise Architect
April 2011 - Present, Boise, Idaho, United States

•Enterprise Systems Architect for Information Technology Services Division (ITSD) of IDHW.
•Member of the Medicaid Readiness Initiative Program, involved in modernization and creation of Welfare Benefits Services Systems to support the “Affordable Care Act” implementation in Idaho.
•Responsible for working with IT and Business Executive Leadership to define the IT Strategy and Processes with long term vision of business and IT needs.
•Provide Technical, Strategic and Thought Leadership to the technical teams across ITSD. 
•Responsible for formulation and creation of modernized Information Architecture for the organization.
•Responsible for defining the Infrastructure Architecture for High Availability and Disaster Recovery for various systems within ITSD.
•Responsible for formulation and creation of Application Architecture spanning across more than 15 systems and their components.
•Responsible for defining the Security Architecture for securing the data for various systems, adhering to NiST and Federal guidelines.
•Implement the concept of Intentional Design vs. Emergent Design as part of Agile Methodology.
•Ensure that every IT decision is made with its impact on the organization kept firmly in mind.
•Identify common business processes throughout organization so that the services IT creates can be reused.
•Recommend strategy and solutions that takes into account applications, data formats, and hardware platforms, and how these three parts of IT interact.
•Effectively communicate with the stakeholders the Enterprise Architecture Life-Cycle.
•Prioritize architecture efforts by identifying which components require higher attention and produce results quickly by focusing on those areas.
•Assess the levels of standardization and business discipline appropriate to the organization, and ensure that the EA effort does not set unrealistic goals.
•Utilize the skills, business acumen, experience, and discipline to ensure business and IT architecture alignment.

UST Global, Sr. Manager and Enterprise Architect
October 2009 - February 2011, Orange County, California, United States

• Enterprise Test Architect and Sr. Manager for Strategy and Services (SnS) Division of UST Global.
• Part of the Service Creation team within SnS, involved in creation of Managed Services offerings.
• Participate in the Formulation and Creation of QA as Managed Service and the key value differentiators for UST.
• Participate in various project proposals/sales presentations for new customers along with the sales teams.
• Understand customer systems and create a Test Automation and Performance Testing Strategy for the customer.
• Research and Architect solutions to provide application teams with performance and tuning options for their applications (Operating system, web servers, etc.) 
• Design, create, Test and implement custom monitoring plans for applications and create monitoring reports.
• Work with the application teams to design/create - load /performance testing scenarios.
• Provided test team with in-depth knowledge and test solutions for the platforms/infrastructure that their application resides on. 
• Provide Strategic and Thought Leadership. 
• As an Architect anticipate issues with the health of the applications and provide resolution for the same.

Hewlett-Packard Co., Solutions Architect and Lead Operations Control
July 2003 - August 2009, Boise, Idaho, United States

• Architect and Lead Operations Control Engineer for MSC – Content and Publishing
• Provide leadership to L1/L2/L3 support, providing in depth knowledge of the applications to the support team.
• Provided application team with in-depth knowledge and solutions for the platforms/infrastructure that their application resides on. (Oracle, network, SAN space, HPUX, NT Servers, app servers etc.)
• Research and Architect Solutions to guide application teams enhance system efficiency. 
• Design and Implement custom/automated monitoring and reporting solutions.
• Create/design solutions for routine maintenance of application infrastructures (Migrations, retirements, backups). 
• Work with application teams to provide failover strategies/solutions for High Availability.
• Technical review, creation and approval of the design documents, migration strategy, Test Strategies, Release and Support plans etc.
• Analyze support/issue metrics and provide solutions with the goal of lowering the total cost of ownership for a given application. Recommend ways to automate manual tasks and to increase application supportability.
• Work with BPM, to report to the stakeholders downtime, poor performance or data timeliness incidents.
• Serve as the problem root cause owner, provide solutions and drive it to closure ensuring participation from all partner teams.
• As an Architect anticipate issues with the health of the applications and provide resolution for the same.
• Document process improvements and share knowledge with L3 engineers.
• Participate in projects in the development teams for designing new assets or architecture changes.
• Reduction of support and operations costs for 9 assets.

• Technical Lead/Solutions Architect and Project Manager from the IPG-IT Team.
• Lead the Tier-4 Worldwide Support, Operations and Development teams across multiple geographies.
• Lead the Data Center Consolidation project to migrate the publishing platform to New Generation Data Centers.
• Work with the IPG Architecture and Development Team on the improvements in the architecture for better performance, robustness and scalability of the applications, with the changing the business scenarios
• Technical review, creation and approval of the design documents, migration strategy, test plans and test case documents. 
• Conduct the Security Reviews of the Security Architecture with the HPIT Security Architecture Teams
• Conduct the Project Architecture Reviews (Application and Infrastructure Architecture) with the HP Enterprise Architecture Teams.
• Provide Technical Solutions, Architect and Lead the design/release of the application(s).
• Design and Coordinate the setup/configuration of the New Generation Data Center servers.
• Design and perform Integration testing and diagnose the problems to identify subsystems related issues and
• Work with the E2E QA team and developers to Design Testing Solutions/Strategies and analysis of performance/load benchmark and continuous hours of operation testing.
• Analyze/investigate COTS solutions/tools working with Lead HP Engineer to improve quality and process efficiency.
• Coordinate with Program manager, partner development teams, business partners, QA team and Support Teams.
• Release Manager for all applications of IPG-EMEA.

Sonata Software Ltd., Sr. Systems Analyst
July 2000 - July 2003, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

• Module/Team Leader and Developer
• System Study and Requirement Analysis.
• Preparing Detail Design for the specifications.
• Reviewing the Detail Design for the Design Plans provided by the Client
• Application development, deployment and testing. 
• Preparation of Test Plan and Strategy.
• Interacting with Customer and handling application issue resolutions post-production.


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