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Aaron Ruhnow



Location: Denver, CO


Certified ScrumMaster



Aaron Ruhnow has been a developer for the 13 years, and currently works as a Technical Lead and Scrum Master for iLevel in Denver, CO.  His interests include spending time playing with his two girls and getting to the mountains for running and mountain biking as much as possible.

He purportedly enjoys the collaborative aspects of this “agile” thing. He thinks it may be more than just a fad.

Articles I've written

Are We There Yet?
One of the hardest things for a new agile team to learn is when a story is complete. Make a list of what constitutes done for your team, and you may find that it will soon become so much a part of your daily routine that you won’t even need to look at it anymore. It will be incorporated into your shared knowledge and vocabulary. At that point, you, too, will have reached Done Nirvana.


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