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Adriana Rincon



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



Adriana Rincon is a Software Engineering Professional and Scrum Evangelist with a strong background in Math and Computer Science and a passion for delivering solutions that satisfy customer needs.  Her experience in the software industry ranks from small two-person consulting company through large multinational companies.  After moving to the United States in 1998 Adriana enjoyed working for the financial services industry for several years.  In 2008 she left financial services to partner with a colleague in an independent consulting venture (Actions & Results consulting).  During the consulting years the company grew in revenue, projects and number of people needed to deliver results.  As the difficulty of handling projects grew, Adriana took an interesting in looking for better ways to organize the projects and team members.  She implemented agile practices in the consulting company.  In 2012 Adriana took the opportunity to work with EMC in a new project where she provided technical expertise and became instrumental in the implementation of Agile Scrum practices.  Adriana became a CSP in 2013.

Adriana currently works for Verizon Cloud as a Development Lead with the resposibility to drive the Agile transformation process that the group started in 2014.  On a daily basis she contributes with actions and ideas to improve the Scrum process and create the necessary adjustments to gain agility every Sprint.

Adriana is excited to go where technical and Agile leadership are needed to improve the performance of teams and ultimately deliver results that make customers happy.

Adriana lives in Massachusetts, enjoys the outdoors, board games and sharing Agile experiences with friends and colleagues.

Work experience

Actions & Results consulting, Director of Software Engineering
October 2009 - Present, Sudbury, MA, US
Integration Services Consultant for Verizon through CA Technologies: October 2010 – October 2011 - Scrum Team member full-time - 12 months. Software Development Architect Consultant for CA Managed Services: October 2011 – April 2012 - Scrum Team member full-time - 6 months. Java/PHP/JavaScript Developer

Verizon Cloud, Principal Software Engineer - Development Lead
June 2014 - Present, , US
Principal Software Engineer - Development Lead Verizon Cloud: June 2014 – Present - Scrum Team member full-time. Java Development

EMC, Consultant Software Engineer
August 2012 - April 2014, Hopkinton, MA, US
Consultant Software Engineer at EMC: August 2012 – April 2014 - Scrum Team member full-time. Java and Web Development


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