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Alan Padula


Location: Mountain View, California



Certified ScrumMaster



Alan Padula is a Senior SW Engineering Process Manager at Intuit where he is currently both an Agile Coach on teams and a trainer of Agile coaches.  He has been at Intuit for 5 years.  He invented the Agile Done Right (ADR) process which is a combination of Scrum, Extreme Programming, Intuit Best Practices, and guidelines to avoid common agile mistakes.  He also created the Lean-Agile Done Right (LADR) process which introduces Rapid Experimentation and Innovation by layering principles of Design for Delight (D4D) and Lean Startup ala Eric Ries over ADR.  Both LADR and ADR are in widespread use at Intuit.  He developed and teaches a 4 day LADR Coach Training course.  He is also the leader of the Intuit Agile Community, Intuit Agile Coaches Community, and Modern Agile Development Processes Commumity.   Alan presented "Organically Growing Agile Coaches" at the premiere Agile 2009 conference.  In 2008 and 2009 he won Best Paper in Process Track for presentations on agile at Intuit’s annual development CTOF conference.  Before that at Intuit, he was a Team Software Process (TSP) coach where in those same years, he presented papers at the TSP Symposiums on a TSP-Agile Blend (TAB).  Alan started consulting on Agile back in the early 90's on the Evolutionary SW Development (EVO) process.


Prior to that, he was a Senior Technology & Business Process Consultant in Product Generation Consulting (PGC) at Hewlett-Packard (HP). The last 10 years of his 28 year tenure at HP was spent consulting with R&D Labs on software (SW) technology and process improvement in a variety of areas.


The first 15 years of his HP career was spent in the R&D Labs of various Product Generation Divisions in various roles as a SW Project Manager, Program Manager, Project lead, and Engineer. Products developed include HP SRC (revision control system), HP TOOLSET (Development Environment), HP BROWSE, HP SEARCH, & RAPID/3000 (a fourth-generation programming language development system).


Besides the Agile Conference, TSP Symposium, and CTOF papers mentioned above, Alan has written technical papers & presented at various technical conferences (IEEE, SEI, etc) in Kyoto, Montreal, Brussels, Boston, Phoenix, Nice, Capri, La Jolla, Lawrence Livermore Labs, and San Francisco.  Alan graduated from Lousiana State University with a 4.0 MS in Computer Science, a BS in Physics, & a BS in Astronomy.


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