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Alexander Narweleit


Product Owner, NewStore Inc.

Location: Berlin, Germany


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


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Work experience

NewStore Inc, Product Owner
May 2016 - Present, Berlin, Germany
At NewStore, I was introduced to the idea of having an opportunity driven approach to manage the strategy of a company and dirive stories and prioritization from them. Also I enjoyed the benefits of having regular coaching by Agile42.

anybet GmbH, Product Owner
January 2015 - April 2016, Berlin, Germany
Started off as the PO for an external team located in Serbia. It was really challenging and interesting to completely work via remove communication. Later I became the PO of two teams, one being backend oriented and the other had focus on retail business.

DailyDeal GmbH, Product Owner
July 2013 - December 2014, Berlin, Germany
Even though my old tasks stayed, I was promoted to be a PO for DailyDeal in July 2013. First I was a bit torn apart between CSPO and CSM roles, however once the company was bought back from google, the amount of teams started to shrink and I could concentrate more on being the PO for the team that remained. That led me to communicate more with stakeholders and third party providers than before, which was kind of satisfying. We as a team tried out some adaptions of our working methods (introducing some ideas from Kanban into the Scrum process, getting the review more product oriented than before, shifting release cycles around etc). That's when I realized that being a CSPO is my avocation.

DailyDeal GmbH, IT Support Engineer
January 2012 - July 2013, Berlin, Germany
After having finished with my studies, I started to work full-time for DailyDeal, keeping the tasks nearly the same as before. During this time, DailyDeal was bought by google (and was sold back after roughly 14 months). That resulted in an increasing amount of dev teams, so that we had 4 of them in total back then. Arranging these new circumstances was pretty intense and interesting, as a lot more synchronization in the whole process was needed from then on. I had the chance to experiment with shared dailies, representative meetings and different working environments (not every team had an own room due to the rapid growth). Over time my involvement in the product grew, for example because I had to prepare data for google and also was consulted more often due to the amount of knowledge about the product that I've gathered so far. As a consequence of this I was granted to attend the CSPO certification and was promised to work as such one day.

DailyDeal GmbH, student trainee IT & organization Scrum
February 2010 - December 2011, Berlin, Germany
After initially joining DailyDeal for the required intership during college, I was granted the CSM certification in March 2010. From then on I supported the development team as a part time Scrum Master (while continuing my B.Sc. at Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin). Since the company was still young - roughly about 4 months old - my main goal and everyday work was to get Scrum established among all people involved in the development process. That included leading the ceremonies, keeping burndown charts up to date, preventing the team from being disturbed (which by the way led me to my deep love with SQL because I began to answer data based questions instead of the devs).


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