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Narasimhan Anantharangachar


Enterprise Agile Coach and Trainer, Consultant

Location: Bangalore, India


Certified ScrumMaster


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I, Narasimhan Anantharangachar (known in short as AN), am a Certified Scrum Master and a PMP (PMI, US) and a member of Scrum Alliance. I have 30+ years of rich experience in the IT industry. My Agile journey started at Siemens, Bangalore where I worked as 'Agile Thought Leader, wayback in 2004'. Having played a significant role in transitioning a large enterprise product development team distributed across continents, I got good hands-on experience working with Scrum teams for over three years. Scaled Scrum was used at three levels successfully and provided good exposure to all aspects of Scrum. I worked with the teams to bring about a culture change in the organization which helped reap excellent results across all aspects such as team collaboration, transparency, customer involvement, cross-functional activities, team involvement and ownership, improved quality of deliveries etc. The project also achieved CMMI Level-3 certification with Agile Scrum as a requirement at an organization level. During this tenure I acquired the CSM certificate after undergoing the required training conducted by Ken Schwaber at Germany.

After an intense involvement for three years at the MNC, I chose to be a freelance trainer, consultant and coach and have been playing that role for the last 7 years. I have taken up roles such as Scrum Master and Coach during the last seven years in various organizations apart from conducting a good number of training programs on Scrum including XP and Kanban. The highlights of this period are:

- Coached a number of teams over a period of 18 months at Electronics For Imaging (EFI), Bangalore. This included training the teams before starting coaching. I believe in playing role of Scrum Master sometimes helps the teams a lot to quickly onboard and have worked very closely with Product Owners of various teams. Team members, Scrum Masters and Product Owners as well as Management Team members were coached frequently during this period on a one-on-one basis as required. A questionnaire based self-evaluation was also implemented in teams for continuous inspection and improvement. There was continuous focus on culture change and implementation of values such as courage, transparency, openness etc.

- Coached several teams at Fidelity, Bangalore for over a year. This too included training the respective teams before starting to coach them. Some teams were also trained on Kanban and some XP practices such as TDD. Leadership training sessions were conducted for management as well as teams frequently. Questionnaire based self evaluation was also implemented which was found very useful by teams for maintaining focus on continuous improvement. Significant improvement was seen in aspects of team collaboration, understanding within team, transparency, empowerment, focus on value build etc. Some teams used Kanban also to advantage.

- Coached teams at Dell, Bangalore for over four months. New practices such as Release Planning were introduced and found extremely beneficial. Individual coaching was given to all roles and also to management.

- Coached teams at OnMobile, Bangalroe for about six months. Teams were very new to Agile Scum and needed more of mentoring along with coaching. External coaching helped teams to learn quickly and work in an Agile way using Scrum.

- Several short training/coaching stints of 2-7days at John Deere, Pune

- Several short coaching stints of 3-8days at HP,  Yahoo and FICO, all at Bangalore

- Overall have conducted a number of 2-day training programs all over India, Malaysia and the US in the last seven years.

Prior to 2003 (pre-Agile journey)

An enterpreneur who founded and managed a software development house having offices at Bangalore and Switzerland. Worked as a developer in the real-time embedded space for over 8 years and then on multi-tier platforms. Headed India Development Centre with a team of over 150 professionals.

Also established the Swiss office and did lot of techno-marketing in Europe. Managed projects across Switzerland and Bangalore for top companies such as Union Bank of Switzerland etc

Have managed large and highly technical projects for over 15 years and delivered excellent results with large teams.


Work experience

SolutionsIQ, Consultant Scrum Trainer and Coach
November 2010 - Present, Bangalore, IN
Have taken up several short assignments during this period for John Deere, Yahoo, HP, FICo and other companies on behalf of SolutionsIQ, India/US.

PM Power Consulting Pvt Ltd, Consultant Scrum Trainer and Coach
August 2007 - Present, Bangalore, IN
I am currently also a consultant and take up assignments from time to time. I did the OnMobile assignment as well as Fidelity assignments from PM Power Consulting apart from several short assignments. Have also conducted training programs for Product Owners.

Renaissance, Consultant Scrum Coach and Trainer
June 2007 - Present, Bangalore, IN
Have taken up several assignments on behalf of Renaissance for training and coaching. Coaching assignments included Dell, Bangalore and seveeral short assignments for clients. Have conducted trainings at Malaysia and US representing Renaissance. Have also conducted XP training programs.

Articles I've written

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Experiences in Agile Coaching: Courage as a Value
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