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Aniket Mhala


Agile Consultant, TechMahindra

Location: Mumbai,India

91- 9819902022


Certified ScrumMaster



Aniket N Mhala


* Define Agile Transition Model and implement at several level such as project, program, IDU and organization
* Expand the understanding and practice of agile software development and agile principles throughout the IDU (Independent Delivery Unit) & organization
* Collaborate directly with scrum teams to coach and guide them on the agile practices to achieve optimal team effectiveness
* Provide consultancy and guidance during agile transition  and delivery execution  to Scrum teams and customer
*Conduct Agile Assessment of Scrum Teams to improve agile adoption level
*Deliver hands-on coaching of individual scrum teams in all aspects of scrum – daily meetings, planning, self-organization, collaboration, iterative development, etc.
97d">*Provide Agile Leadership coaching and training to Scrum Masters, managers and executives
*Conduct  seminars and workshops 
*Work directly with managers, scrum teams and executives to remove enterprise-wide systemic obstacles that block our ability to achieve sustainable increases in velocity
Advise and influence the development and training of agile tools & practices to enhance team collaboration
*Work collaboratively with ESG (Education Service Group) to introduce agile university at organization level
*Work collaboratively with QMG (Quality Management Group) to align agile practices with existing process
*Conduct Agile gatherings which would be based on Open Space Technology


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