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Alexander Lundh


Project & Line Manager, Saab

Location: Linköping, Sweden


Certified ScrumMaster



Current work

  • Talking Agile
  • Implementing and adapting Agile in highly regulated industries
  • Implementing Agile in our corperate management system
  • Coaching Scrum Masters
  • Side projects as SM/PO

The Deal
What I like about scrum is that it gives the power (or atleast, some of it) back to the teams. For me, alot is about trust; I want to tell my teams that I trust them in doing great work and I dont want a culture where ignorant managers are pointing with their hands and telling great engineers and programmers how and what they should do. I've found that my scrum projects have increased my coworkers work ethics, boosted their knowledge and interest of "how to become better" greatly. And it has created a loving culture where we honor our differences and strive to creat great things.

And about myself

  • 30+, married, kid on the way
  • Drives a slow car and a fast motorbike
  • Passionate foodie
  • Decent squashplayer
  • MSc Degree in Comp Sci, but really just work with management


Work experience

Saab, Line Manager
June 2013 - Present, Linköping, Sweden

Line Manager of Torpedo- & AUV systems development
Focused on implementing agile project methodologies into our management system.
Supporting new project managers in general management and adopting agile.
Implementing Management 3.0-thoughts in our organisation
Also project management of smaller projects, all doing agile (with me as Scrum Master)

Saab Dynamics, Project Manager
May 2011 - Present, Linköping, Sweden

Project Manager for a multisensor system, Hydra, used by the swedish navy. Hydra is one of the worlds most complex MSS with high requirements on reliability. The development is performed in several scrum teams with scrum masters reporting to me as product owner. 

As the project manager, I had to come up with a good interface between scrum and agile project management to "hook into" the rest of the company. Saab is a defence company, with heavy regulations, making the organisation locked into waterfall approaches towards our customers. Finding the interface within the company to do agile development, and to transform the organisation into a more agile mindset has been my top priority (besides managing the project) and motivation.

I spent the first year acting as ScrumMaster for the project, but as the project grew in size I changed my role to Product Owner for the last 18 months, focusing more and more on how to change our organization to adapt to agile methodologies.

Ida Infront,
April 2008 - May 2011, , Sweden

Software Developer & Scrum Master Developing forensic investigation computer systems for scandinavia

Fully agile organisation and projects. I worked with 3 generations of the forensic computer system during my time at the company, doing everything from meeting customers, planning development, leading a scrum team as a scrum master to core development.

Spent a total of 3 years at the company. Being a team member in scrumteams for the most part (2+ years) with some months of being a scrum master (3+ months)


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