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Andrew Kallman


Portfolio Manager, IPsoft

Location: Stockholm, Sweden



Andrew Kallman, MBA, PMP, CSM, CSP

Profile Summary

  • Co-author of the #1 Best Selling (in 3 categories: Business, Consulting and Project Managemen) Business Agile book on, "The Nehemiah Effect"
    • Ancient Strategy.  Contemporary Results.
    • The rapid convergence of technological and knowledge growth is resulting in disruptive change unlike any in human history. So why go back 2,500 years for a business leadership and project management model?
    • According to today’s experts, Nehemiah’s building the 4.5-mile wall around Jerusalem in 445 BC should have taken up to 100 years with a huge labor force. But he accomplished it with 150 leaders and an enormous volunteer team in 52 days. His book is a roadmap on how to accomplish seemingly impossible goals using a Business Agile framework.
    • The Nehemiah Effect combines new mindsets, methodologies, and technologies with proven, ancient wisdom to deliver surprising results for today’s Agile business leaders and project managers.
  • Agile Governance for the Enterprise / Enterprise Agile Coach
    • Since 1999 actively coaching, mentoring and training Board, Cxx (C-suite), Director and Senior Management on their journey to becoming Business (Enterprise) Lean / Agile
  • Education & Certifications:
    • MBA, Marketing & International
    • CSM, CSP and PMP Certifications



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