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Ankur Jaiswal


Senior Project Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Location: San Jose


Certified ScrumMaster



Ankur Jaiswal

I am an IT Professional for over a decade and a practising Agilst for about 6 years. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to play several roles in agile teams. I play the Scrum Master role for many of the application development projects. The teams that I am a part of are geographically distributed and I have gained a lot of experience in running such agile projects. I champion the Distributed Scrum framework for my business unit and am actively a part of our Agile Center of Excellence.

A day in my life is usually about working with teams on aspects of planning, resolving impediments and facilitating the review and retors. I also take time to re-train myself in all things agile, as well as to train new team members.


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