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Alexander Gerber


Development Project Manager, SAP

Location: Walldorf, Germany


Certified ScrumMaster



Alexander Gerber. After receiving a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Heidelberg I had to start earning money. Therefore I started as an intern in some small German software company. Some months later I was being asked whether I wanted to stay with this compony a little longer, which I agreed to. After some projects with VisualBasic I turned to C++. This is the language then used in most of the projects I worked in.

After 3 years in this company I joined SAP in 1999 as a Developer. After a year or so I took over the project lead role in some non-trivial C++ project (installation framework development for Windows and a whole bunch of Unix platforms).


Work experience

SAP AG, Content Owner for Scrum Trainings
September 2010 - Present, Walldorf, Germany
As one of my tasks as member of a Lean/Agile Core Team at SAP I'm (together with a colleague) content owner for our internal ScrumMaster and Product Owner training. The training consists of a 2-days course each, for ScrumMasters as well as for Product Owners. In addition to designing the course, I have run many trainings as a trainer (for ScrumMaster as well as Product Owners, but also Train-the-Trainer courses in Walldorf/Germany as well as Bangalore/India).

SAP AG, Member of a Lean Implementation Team
April 2009 - Present, Walldorf, Germany
In our Lean Implementation Team, we used Scrum as our workmode. Recently, we have added Kanban elements to even better adapt the way we work to our needs. We still stick to iterations (with review meetings, retrospectives and daily sync meetings), but in addition try to limit our WIP (work in process) to smoothen the way we process our work items. I have talked about SAPs Lean/Agile transformation on some conferences since fall 2010 (LESS 2010, Helsinki; OOP 2011; Lean Kanban Central Europe 2011; OOP 2012), as co-speaker or speaker.

SAP AG, Scrum Mentor
March 2008 - Present, Walldorf, Germany
I'm one of the Scrum mentors at SAP, trying to support teams and individuals in their attempt to successfully apply agile approaches. They contact me for individual talks, helping out as ScrumMaster, moderating retrospectives, etc.

SAP AG, ScrumMaster
March 2009 - August 2010, Walldorf, Germany
At SAP, we drove the Lean/Agile transition with a Lean Transformation Team and several Lean Implementation Teams (as described by Ken Schwaber in his book "The Enterprise and Scrum"). I worked as ScrumMaster for one of the Lean Implementation Team.


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