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Aaron Conoly


Technical Writer, Ivie

Location: Flower Mound, TX


Certified ScrumMaster



Aaron Conoly. I am a technical writer for a mid-sized marketing agency. I was recently certified as a Scrum Master. We are looking to implement Scrum in several of our departments, not just IT.

Articles I've written

Power of the Post-it
When is a Post-it more than just a Post-it? When it becomes the basis for an easy-to-update taskboard for a non-development Scrum team. Read the rest of the story...

How I Stole an Office and Fixed Our Daily Scrum
As I mentioned in my last article, I'm new to Scrum, and the journey to implement Scrum has had its challenges and rewards. After using Scrum for a month or so, I started to see a deficiency; we weren't having productive Daily Scrums. So, I dec...

Post-It Revisited
A while ago I wrote about my experiences with Scrum and a little helper I like to call “Posty the Post-It note.” Ok, so I don’t actually call it that, but I do use the Post-It extensively when I’m scrumming.


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