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Aurelio Calegari



Certified ScrumMaster




I was born in Sao Paulo/Brazil where I began my IT career. I graduated in Computer Science at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. I worked for many blue chip companies, including IBM and Sun Microsystems. I have extensive experience in IT market, architecting and leading development in a constantly changing environments. I have 9 years experience in different markets world wide: +6 years professional experience in Brazil market, including 3 years offshore for US; and 2 years experience in Europe working in London/UK market as Software Solutions Architect.

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Prolan Solucoes Integradas - Sao Paulo/Brazil (2001-2003)

I started my professional career in 2001, at Prolan Solucoes Integradas in Sao Paulo. I worked in the position of Junior Java Developer and worked in a pioneer project for creating relationship networks for customers of 3 main mobile providers in Brasil (Vivo, Telemig and Amazonas Celular) using SMS Platform and the Web.

Aypon Technology - Sao Paulo/Brazil (2003-2004)

Two years later I moved to Apyon Technology which was a top notch technology company which had an innovative automated software generation tool that, provided an ER model, would generate full end-to-end code in J2EE and .NET, with built in security. I was responsible for extending the J2EE software generation engine as well as mentoring Apyon customers on the generated code customization aspects. I worked for apyon as Mid-Level developer for 1 year and half.

IBM Brazil - Hortolandia/Brazil - United States offshore (2004-2007)

Then I had a big career move when I started working for IBM Brazil in the Internal Global Account. I worked in several world-scale projects for IBM US such as CD Now (coordination of media CD content generation on demand), RFSPMT (centralized system for managing all internal project details and funding) and eRequester (a highly customizable web-based tool that used to be used by many internal IBM organizations world-wide for defining change requests workflows). At IBM I progressed to Senior Developer with Team Lead responsibilities in all my projects. I was also nominated Focal Point for the departmental manager so I could help coordinate staff in some HR matters.

During my stay at IBM I was constantly focused on quality and then I went through the full Sun Certification program progressing from Certified Programmer to Certified Enterprise Architect.

Sun Microsystems & Discover Tech - Sao Paulo/Brazil (2007 - 2008)

After IBM, I moved to Sun Learning Services (a branch of Sun Microsystems) as Certified and Authorized Sun Instructor where I conducted official Java Platform Courses ranging from Programming to Architecture courses. I worked at sun for one year and half.  My work at Sun was part-time, and generally the courses used to be carried outside business hours. I started working as Senior Java EE Consultant at Discovery Technology (Oracle Advantage Partner) and architected and lead the development of strategic project for Yoki Alimentos (giant in the food industry). In addition I used to elaborate pre-sales technical proposals for prospective customers.

On Demand Group - London/United Kingdom (2009 - 2010)

Then I decided to challenge my career and move the London/UK highly competitive market. I started working for On Demand Group on Feb 2010 and worked for them for nearly 2 years.  I was responsible for architecting and leading a multicultural them through the development of a crucial internal system for supporting the company's operational scalability. I designed a system that process high volume of media content and fully integrates to a number of enterprise-class systems. This tool is responsible for delivering the Digital Workflow and gives the company high throughput for processing massive amount of data and deliver high quality video onDemand for all its customers.

I introduced the SCRUM agile methodology in ODG Software Development department which has now became a permanent practice. I also created a number of internal frameworks that are the base for many complex systems we built on top. I designed their in-house tool for orchestrating workflows as well as conducted a number of internal workshops to improve software development quality and standardize code.

Melbourne/Australia (2010 onwards)

After nearly 2 years in Europe, I decided to move to Australia and pursue new life perspectives for me and my family (by the way I’m married and have a 4 years old daughter)...



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