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Anthony Anderson



Location: London, UK


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Anthony Anderson is a Scrum master at a large company creating software for mission-critical communication systems. Anthony has been leading software engineering teams and projects for five years. Four of these he has been acting as the Scrum master. He has been writing software professionally for over ten. He converted to the ‘Agile’ way at AIRCOM International where he managed a globally distributed engineering team leading at any one time up to seventeen engineers based in Sweden, India and the UK -  although wasn’t the Scrum master for all!

Anthony was instrumental in bringing agile and Scrum practices to AIRCOM where they saw an increase in development output and accuracy – no longer could the POs say “that’s not what I asked for”! The team was among the first to implement Scrum which they continue to see the benefits five years later. The team and business made some customizations to the process as there was a ‘required’ gating process to follow, although as the Scrum master Anthony protected the team from the business noise and helped them focus on the tasks at hand.

Anthony continues to increase his knowledge of agile and Scrum to improve his approaches to software development and to deliver the most business value in the fastest and best possible way. He is an active user of many agile blogs and intends to start his own group and blog soon.


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