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Amr Noaman


Senior Consultant, SECC-ITIDA

Location: Smart Village, Cairo, Egypt


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Scrum Arabia


Amr is an agile coach, trainer and practitioner whose life vision is to spread lean thinking in software organizations in Egypt and the Middle East. Amr is a Senior Consultant at the Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC) of Egypt. His primary role is helping teams and organizations do successful Agile transformation and develop software at their maximum potential. Amr is a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), a Sun-Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA), and Six Sigma black belt certified for IT and Software Engineering . 

Amr is the founder of the Egypt Lean & Agile Network and is the co-author of the 'Process Increments' method, an agile method for software process improvement. Amr is one of the drivers of Egypt's GoAgile program, an agile adoption initiative sponsored by the Egyptian government for expanding agile practices and lean thinking in software houses in Egypt. Amr has trained 400+ practitioners, coached many teams from a wide range of private and public organizations in Egypt and the Middle East. His blog:

Work experience

Software Engineering Competence Center, Senior Consultant
January 2010 - Present, Giza, Select a State, Egypt

In SECC, I coach team and companies to adopt Agile. I'm also responsible for the Agile Software Process Improvement Initiative (ASPII), an agile adoption program sponsored by the Egyptian government to introduce Agile development practices to the egyptian companies.

In our agile adoption projects, I usually play the role of the product owner. That is, I monitor the team while applying scrum practices and make sure they grasp and achieve the value behind the practices. Once I see this, I consider the increment "Done". Also, I sometimes play the scrum master role inside companies adopting agile. In this case, my involvement in the development project is more deep and I spend with the team one whole sprint working with them hand in hand. 

Asset Technology Group, Technical Team Leader
January 2009 - January 2010, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

At Asset, I used to lead teams developing value-added services for Vodafone Egypt, one of the largest mobile operators in Egypt and the world. I introduced Scrum practices while working with the team, and played the role of the Scrum Master throughout that time. 

Articles I've written

Agile Failure Patterns
Many teams try Agile methods, or rather techniques. Some of them fail, and they suffer from this failure later on because it induces resistance in the rest of the organization and makes later attempts at Agile adoption much more difficult. The following are five patterns of immature Agile implementations. . . .


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