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Agile Atlas Update

Check out the controversy on the Agile Atlas

We've made significant behind-the-scenes progress on the Atlas this past month to make it more smooth and organized. Most of that work is invisible to you, the user, but important nonetheless. (We're sorry that not all of our changes show up as user-visible "stories," but sometimes we just can't figure out a way to make that happen.)

Our biggest visible change this month is controversy. After some controversy over whether the word is pronounced CONtroversy or conTROVersy, we've added a tag and organizational pages for items that are controversial.

Here's the reason. While Generally Accepted Scrum Practices are important enough that everyone should know about them, some experts like them more than others. For example, Dan Rawsthorne wrote articles on specialized sprints, one on "Startup Sprints" and one on "Release Sprints." These are common and Dan makes some important points about them.

However, not everyone agrees. In particular, Mark Levison wrote a brief comment about specialized Sprints that was so good we just had to publish it.

Now, if you go to the GASPs section of the site and click on one of Dan's articles, that page will tell you the subject is controversial and will link to all of the articles relating to that controversy. Please visit the site, click on one of his articles, have a look, and enjoy.

We still need many more articles. If you have any new controversial ideas to offer, or want to start a discussion on something that has already been written, we're ready for you. Please chime in!


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