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“Oh, No, Not Another Meeting!”

10/17/2014 by Leonardo Miranda

Six tips to help facilitate business meetings and improve participants’ involvement and productivity

Scrum Communication

10/16/2014 by Raj Kasturi

Raj-er communicates with Roger

Breaking Down the Agile Manifesto

10/15/2014 by Emilia Breton

The first step in developing an Agile culture

Write Stories with Happy Endings

10/14/2014 by Molood Noori Alavijeh

A simple guide to writing great user stories

Prioritizing Product Backlogs

10/13/2014 by Prakash Mallappa Pujar

The significance of the Definition of Ready

Object-Oriented Scrum

10/13/2014 by Balachandra Sekhar M

A developer's view of Scrum


10/10/2014 by Syed Ali

Writing user stories to make them true deliverables

Remaining Effort – Technical Tasks

10/10/2014 by Jimmy Mathew

Explaining the relevance of reestimation

Product Backlog Refinement

10/09/2014 by Robin Hackshall