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The Radar Retrospective

A focused, improvement-centric technique

3 January 2018

The retrospective often turns out to be a blame game, with no resulting improvements. The team may simply be interested in the current sprint work and is missing on the awareness and keenness to know the overall health of the program. When collaboration within the team is missing, delay is the result. The team may be hesitant to raise and find solutions for actual problems.

To bring the focus onto the actual issues, we tried "The Radar" retrospective, which focused on identifying problems and finding possible solutions. (It is well described in numerous posts, including this one.)
  1. We reviewed the last ten sprints in terms of retrospective points, identified the problem areas, and converted them into the "Radar," as shown in the diagram below.
  2. Both the team and leadership rated themselves from 0 to 10 along the radar, identifying the issues in each area and improvement area. Everyone was advised to provide improvement areas so that the score could be increased through improvement next time.
  3. The team and leadership scores were collected and shared.   
  4. We continued (and monitored) this pattern over consecutive sprints.
  5. We were able to converge gaps, identify and acknowledge problems, and work closely on solutions.
  6. With each attempt, we refined our solutions to the problem areas further.
  7. The scores improved every time.  


Our work helped increase team synergy and velocity as real issues, with identified improvement areas.

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