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What Is the Differentiating Agile Factor?

3 November 2017

Sureshchandra Sharma
Amfal Tech LLC

The attributes of a successful project are similar to the attributes of a successful organization, successful leader, or the world’s richest people. So it would follow that the attributes of a successful project, such as teamwork, passion for technologies, and team motivation would be the same whether a project is Waterfall or Agile.

However, I learned through my ScrumMaster role how I can enhance the attributes of a successful project and be a catalyst for the following differentiating Agile factors:
  • Mindset – As a servant leader in my ScrumMaster role, I use all means to help each member to be successful as a way to build a culture of serving one another. Therefore, the differentiating Agile factor of having the ScrumMaster role is a catalyst for improving the attribute of an individual as a good team player.
  • Innovation – As a ScrumMaster, I do not direct the team’s work, but I do encourage the team to take risks and innovate new solutions for problems. This helps the team explore their passion for technologies.
  • Motivation – I encourage the team regularly during Agile/Scrum ceremonies to do good work, and when they innovate or meet their commitment, I congratulate them.
The differentiating Agile factor is supporting and contributing to the team to enhance the overall attributes of a successful project, which ultimately defines the potential for success.

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