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Testing in Scrum

Fitting together the V-Model and Agile/Scrum

31 May 2017

While reviewing some SDLC concepts, I came upon the V-Model, which I have replicated here in a simple format:
Traditional V-Model

Suddenly a question came to me: How well does this adhere to Agile and Scrum? What are the discrepancies between the two ideas, if any? Like the innocent child that I´m not, I realized that the figure is two dimensional, and so two ideas caught my attention:

Why not an I-Model? Not everything happens at the same time, or within a short period of time. The process requires time for each analysis to be developed (not to mention that different people are assigned to each, in some organizations). And even more important, we must give attention to things at the right moment. Don´t try to tackle something when it is not its time. That is one cornerstone of the Agile/Scrum method.

On the other hand, I don´t see a reason for not doing it all (building code and test artifacts and executing them) in the time frame of one interaction.

Why not a horizontal line model? Because the level of information goes deeper with each step.

Some may say that´s exactly what Agile/Scrum proposes: to shrink all steps in the timebox. So I tried to put both in a time line perspective:

Timeline for V-Model and Agile Rituals

To summarize, I think the two are compatible. Nonetheless, some questions arise:
  • What is the level and work of automation to be developed and executed in a short amount of time?
  • What is the level of documentation to be created and maintained, when so many things change or are decided on at the last minute? Then how useful will this documentation be in the future?
  • What is the creativity necessary to come up with useful test scenarios so that technical and functional debit are minimized?
These are some of the things I think are worth considering in testing.

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