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Hitting the Business Bottom Line

A letter to the nonbeliever

31 May 2017

Shane Billings

Dear Nonbeliever,

It would not be a stretch to use the word zealot when describing an agilist. They are passionate about their craft, to say the least. They act as if Agile will help in every situation. And they are always preaching the benefits. You wouldn’t be surprised to visit them in their home and see a task board and burn-down charts. Maybe their spouse acts as the ScrumMaster in the weekly planning session. It’s probably too much to call them cultists, but the thought has crossed your mind.

Why are they so passionate? Why do they keep pushing Agile like a friendly dog pushes its licks? Simply put, they have seen it work. They have seen what Agile principles can do for the business bottom line.

Every practice that Agile proposes is designed to increase the value to businesses. Principles, such as iterating a product, enable rapid feedback that allows a business to respond to rapidly changing customers. Prioritization helps teams focus on the most important things while preventing distractions from less important work. Metrics help a business plan for the future based on past trends.

In short, an Agilist’s goal is to help the business succeed, and the individual knows it can be done. Speed can be increased. Time to market can be reduced. Quality can be improved. Better decisions can be made. However, Agile can’t do everything. (I'll post another article soon to help understand its limitations.) Nevertheless, it is a powerful business philosophy. As you read or hear about Agile, try to pick out how Agile can affect the bottom line of your business.

Yours truly,
A Zealot

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