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Salsa, the ScrumMaster Way

Follow the team's lead

23 August 2017

Ashbel Joshua
Edgeverve Systems Limited

As a new ScrumMaster, you rely on Scrum principles to guide you in determining what works best for your team. In the beginning, it helps to just let the team do its own thing and observe the progress of each story closely. However, first you need to be in a position to track each story closely. While doing so, you will come across what I call salsa verde or salsa picante. These are the two salsas (sauces) served with certain Mexican food. Salsa verde is green and mild. Salsa picante is red hot and spicy.

When following each story closely, if you find salsa verde (good stuff), promote it. If you find salsa picante (impediments), note the impediments but do not address them at the first instance. As a ScrumMaster, apply Theory Y, which is the assumption that the team is intrinsically self-motivated and self-managed. You expect the team to be on top of their game and handle any impediments themselves. If, on the other hand, a similar impediment occurs again or is not resolved after a considerable amount of time, do your best to get your team's attention to help them address it. Follow the team’s lead, just the way you follow the lead in salsa dance — regardless of whether the signal is a direct push or pull, or a slight change in direction.

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