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The Scrum Development Method and Agile-Based Testing

Advantages and disadvantages

22 January 2016

Ravi Sankar Konidena
STC Software

In this article, I'll discuss two aspects of Scrum: the software development approach and Agile-based software testing. There are advantages and disadvantages to using them together to achieve better software quality.

Using Scrum as a software development method will help deliver robust software and also improve the quality of source code through generic and well-constrained design/architecture. This approach requires software developers with a good background who can achieve results through Scrum leadership. The software developed through this method aligns well with the object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD) paradigm. A clear relationship is established between Scrum and OOAD through generic process abilities.

Agile-based software testing solves the need for exhaustive software testing at the block or macro level. The advantage of this method is the promise of modular testing and integration testing through automation. This is accomplished through scripting or any other means possible. The disadvantage of this method is that it discourages testing at the unit level.

The combination of these methods ensures robustness in execution and also in the quality delivered. However, certain factors can be missing, such as the quality in the user interface, in the user experience, and also in the justification of decisions related to execution, which can lead to less adaptability.

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Ramesh Lakkaraju, CSM, 1/22/2016 1:06:06 AM
Good one

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