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Harvesting Agile Through an Attitude Shift

25 February 2016

Subramanya Mudukutore
Redknee (India) Technologies Pvt Ltd

Software development has been transforming since its beginning, and the quest to find the best model for development is ongoing. Recently, the Agile method of software development has been witnessing a high rate of adoption, as it primarily talks about adaptability and approach. This is different from its predecessor models.

The major challenge in software development is cross-cultural development teams. The way in which software is being harnessed across locations is significantly different because of the maturity, clarity, and passion teams feel toward the work they do. Almost all companies continually invest in their effort into drawing a horizontal line across the people and mindset, which continues to be a Herculean challenge.

The introduction of the Agile method, especially the Scrum framework, has witnessed some remarkable changes and hence its increasing popularity.

One way to look at this model is to see it as a bit more transparent and a lot less micromanaged than its earlier predecessors. Continuous improvement is always providing opportunities for customizing the model to best fit the needs of its adopters. As a result, Agile development has become highly popular and has given way for organizations to broadcast their work to the software world in the most convenient way. Terms such as sprint, sprint planning, retrospective, Scrum, stand-up, backlog, product owner, and ScrumMaster are all part of the new jargon under Agile.

The reality is that sooner or later this method becomes more a formality than an acceptance of core principles. People are following it because companies mandate it or some process keeper is following up on it. In some countries, it's also used as a profile boost. Industries have started comparing it with other methods and people have started contradicting it. So the actual philosophy of the Agile model for software development is what its followers and admirers think they need.

The core driver behind the Agile method is shifting the focus of software development. It's about changing the mindset from the need to complete work toward the art of developing software. It is the facilitator for changing the "attitude" toward software development. To draw a common line across geolocations, software development simply brings about change in the attitude of teams that work together.

To follow Agile is not about using jargon and following the processes; its core objective is to infuse a common attitude and passion across teams and people inside the organization. This objective is constantly nurtured by the ScrumMaster.

With an increasingly mature community as well as innovation, commitment, and better focus within this industry, the constant monitoring of attitude is a must. It will not only increase the ability of an individual but also improve the quality of product delivery. So imbibing Agile across teams is not only about introducing the process but also about harvesting the right attitude toward software development. This is the core philosophy behind the Agile method.

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Wajih Aslam, CSP,CSD,CSM, 2/25/2016 1:08:01 AM
nice article

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