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Agile-Scrum Principles My Family Instilled in Me

17 September 2015

Gayathri Narayanan
Perficient India

Since my marriage, I have been lucky and blessed to be in a loving family with two kids. Though I have recently started to follow the Scrum framework at the office, I still feel that my mind is stuck in the traditional ways at home.

Some scenarios that prove that I still have the traditional mindset:
  • I don't tolerate changes to plans easily. For example, I don't tolerate guests showing up during my daughter's exams or changes to my son's mealtimes.
  • I still don't believe in self-organizing. For example, I continually follow up with my daughter to determine whether she has taken the right books to school according to her schedule, and I try to protect my son from falls too often.
These incidents have led me to think about how I was brought up, and how my parents had handled the situations described above. To my surprise, I found that my parents had subconsciously been ScrumMasters back then.

In those days, nobody expected guests to announce that they were coming to visit or even stay overnight with us. Guests would suddenly swarm the house, and the host was expected to meet all the guests' needs (requirements). My ScrumMaster parents managed the changes in plans with few hiccups. They collaborated well with the guests and catered to their requirements to the best of their ability.

Mealtimes were prepared based on my dad's scheduled return from the office, and they served as a daily stand-up for all of us to discuss the day's happenings and plan for the next day. Mealtime also helped foster and improve the collaboration within the family team.

I don't remember my mom prying into my book bag every day; she had trained me to arrange the books according to my schedule and trusted that I was becoming self-organized. Improvements were given time to materialize.

To top it all, our family always relied on face-to-face communication or individual interactions to resolve all our conflicts.

I was astonished to note that so many Scrum principles were followed even without our knowing what Scrum was.

It's time that I revive and uphold my parents' principles in my own home and start:
  • Positively responding to changes more than following a predefined plan.
  • Trusting the benefits of self-organizing ourselves.


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Harshavardhini Ramachandran, CSM, 9/18/2015 5:55:53 AM
Awesome Gayathri!! Wishing you to write more!
Reena R, CSM, 9/18/2015 7:48:42 AM
Great Gayathri...
It was a very cool comparison...with Scrum

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