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Agile ABCs

The First Step Toward Being Agile

2 December 2015

Teguh Suryadi
DONG Energy

Agile is a framework, not a solution for everything. It doesn't directly solve problems, but it does help identify them as early as possible.

Begin changes now.

Common sense is a must-have quality.

Don't fix it if it's not broken. Focus on things that really matter.

Estimation in Agile is the minimum time required during which you can confidently consider a task or story done.

Face and solve problems. Do not avoid, delay, or (even worse) cover the problems. Remember Murphy's Law.

Goal-setting is critical. Set your goals effectively to achieve them.

Half-full mentality – avoid it. Always make room for new ideas, without ditching the old ideas.

Improve each iteration. The current iteration must be better than the previous iteration. Improvement can be anything, and it doesn't necessarily have to be big. Use Kaizen (改善), which is the Japanese term for continuous improvement.

Just do it. Avoid procrastination.

Knowledge is limited. Implement things based on current, best-known things.

Limit the scope. Although this facilitates decision making, it also avoids unnecessary stress.

Maximum yield, minimum effort. Be economic. Apply the Pareto principle or the 80-20 Rule.

Nonconform. Challenge the status quo.

Out-of–the-box thinking. Be creative.

Plan as necessary. Agile doesn't mean that no plan is required. Rather, it means that planning is important in getting you closer to the goal.

Queue items based on priority. Everything is limited.

Resistance is not always a bad thing. If used positively, it may result in better solutions. For example, air resistance is what allows airplanes to change direction. Similarly, the friction of car tires allows the car move.

Scrum is one of the simplest Agile frameworks, yet one of the most difficult to implement properly.

Timebox everything when possible. Time is the most expensive amenity, because you cannot turn back time.

Update the appropriate people with the necessary information to maintain transparency.

Virgin-like thinking. Be more prepared, avoid underestimation, and grow more excited to try new things. You are willing to take risks without necessarily having the experience.

Working solution is the true Definition of Done.

X factor is always present. The unknown always exists in decision making. You will know it only when you know it.

You are part of a team. Work as a team, not as an individual. Be responsible to your team. Your failure can cause the team's failure. Your success must contribute to your team's success.

Zzz. Good rest is one of the most important routines to adopt so that you can better prepare for the next iteration or challenge.

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Meghan Robinson, CSM,CSPO, 3/17/2016 4:09:45 PM
Would you be okay with us highlighting this article on our new AgileCareers Blog?

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I look forward to hearing your response! Thanks.
Teguh Suryadi, CSM,CSPO, 4/6/2016 10:10:46 AM
Hi @Meghan Robinson,
It would be an honour :)

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