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True Story

My team's early attempts at Scrum

9 April 2015

Fred Hong
Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell

This is the true story of my team's beginnings with Scrum. I would like to share it.

This was in about 2011. To be honest, before then most us had never heard of Scrum. We just started, without any preparation. No training, no practice.

One guy from the team was selected as the ScrumMaster. He was not "special," not different from anyone else on the team. He arranged the meetings, booked the room. Another team member prepared the planning backlog. We reviewed the user stories and adjusted the scope or sprint points as we thought best. No one ever challenged us; everyone thought what we were doing was OK. We even invited other teams to our meetings so they could learn Scrum.

After half a year we believed we were still running Scrum, but people started to complain, since it was really not helpful. The manager liked the system, however, so everything kept moving on that way.

Now, don't be disbelieving. This was real. So friends, think about the Scrum you are running in your organization, and about what you and your fellow team members are doing and learning. It it really Scrum?

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